7 Free Tools to Combine Photoshop Brushes

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You can create your first layer in Photoshop or Elements with the Screen Grab function; read more about this feature on Screen Grabbing.

Photoshop has an active community with user forums, blogs, and other outlets and groups that provide free support and tutorials to users. The community welcomes new users and many even provide free support for new users.

You can find help for specific Photoshop tasks and tutorials at `www.photoshop.com/support`.

A new menu option in Photoshop CC 2015, `Get Creative Cloud`, links users directly to tutorials and tutorial videos for each application in the Creative Cloud.

Check out a few Photoshop basics and learn how to get started with this helpful program in a short time.

Photoshop’s primary file format is the layered TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or PSD (Photoshop Document) file. Photoshop CC supports other file formats as well, such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG (Portable Network Graphics). The TIFF or PSD file is the best format for handling text and bitmap images that contain data.

When saving a file, you’re most often working in PSD mode (and this book is based in that mode). The PSD format is designed for editing large images with lots of layers — the number of layers and whether they’re visible or hidden — and it handles large files better than the TIFF format.

Posting images to your blog, creating slide shows, or creating screenshots are other common tasks that use the PSD format. A Photoshop file is made up of individual layers, although groups of layers, known as comps, can make up a single layer. Layers can be grouped together and named in any way you like. When you create a new layer, you’re asked whether you want the layer to be visible or invisible. You can see all the layers at once in the Layers panel.

If you choose to work with a transparent image, you want to be sure that you’re saving the transparent areas as well. In most cases, you can apply transparency to layers, but it’s usually better to make sure you do it before saving the file.

Photoshop is often used in the creation of posters, banners, and other forms of marketing material. Sometimes you use it to package images or create graphics in a specific layout format (see the „Designing with Swatches“ sidebar). Chapter 13 explains how to create posters and templates. Also, see Chapter 16 for more on

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We’ve compiled a list of the best keyboard shortcuts and best Photoshop workflows in this guide to make it easier for you to get more done with your images in Photoshop.

You can also check our ultimate list of Photoshop Tools for Beginners as well as our guide to working with Photoshop layers.

How to use Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

The best time to learn Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts is when you first start using the program. It’s an important part of using Photoshop, so learn to use them right from the start!

One of the most important things to learn is how to navigate the Photoshop workspace. When working with layers and selecting objects, knowing how to move, navigate, and select items on the canvas, along with how to use selection tools, is key.

This makes navigating the tools and Photoshop much quicker and easier for you.

Here are Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to help get you started.

Navigating the Photoshop workspace

To navigate to any tool on the Photoshop, right click on the active tool in the Photoshop Palette. The Photoshop Palette will show the various tools for you to choose from.

Selecting tools

Once you press a key to move the Active Tool, the tool will automatically select an object on the canvas.

If you press a key to move the Active Tool to a point on the canvas, the tool will automatically select an object in that coordinate.

If you scroll the wheel while pressing a key, it will automatically select a list of objects and move you to the next object in that list. The list of the currently selected objects can be found on the right-hand side of the Photoshop Palette.

To select multiple objects on the canvas, hold down the Shift key while pressing the corresponding key.

To select multiple objects on the canvas, hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the corresponding key.

If you press the key corresponding to the left (numbered keys 1 to 9) and hold it, the tool will switch between the primary tool for that key number (1 for paint brush, 2 for marquee, etc.)

To select objects by shape, hold down the Alt key and press the number corresponding to the shape you want to select (1 for ellipse, 2 for polygon, etc.).

To select objects by color, hold down the Shift key and press the corresponding number (1 for red, 2 for green, 3 for blue, etc.).

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