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Photoshop supports Windows, macOS, and macOS App Store. The latest macOS version is 10.14 Mojave. Photoshop 9.0.3 is the last version that supports Windows.

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Resize Image for Web Page

In order for the text to take up more of the page, the image will need to be resized. Resize the image by selecting Edit > Canvas Size. When the Canvas Size dialog appears, enter a width and height that is about half the full page’s width and height. Use these settings when you size the images for your page.

Note: If you are using a screen reader, you may need to use tab as well to move the selector cursor to the canvas size window.

Change Document Scale

For the image to fit on a page, the document scale (set to 100%) will be too large. The image has been set at an absolute (in pixels) size, which means that it is not relative to the settings you have used for the final document’s settings. You can use the Image Size dialog to enter an appropriate document scale. Do this by selecting Image > Image Size.

Again, you can use tab to move the selector cursor to the appropriate window.

Crop Cropped images are set at a specific height and width and the remaining area will be cut away. Cropping an image can make it easier to see what’s in the image; however, cropping can also change the aspect ratio of the image.

Start by selecting the crop tool by pressing Shift+C. Then, type the height and width you want the crop to take up at the start and end of the crop rectangle.

When you’re done, press Enter (Return) to exit the crop tool.

Straighten and Rotate Images

Select the Image menu and choose Straighten and Rotate to straighten and rotate your image. This function is not available to image groups. Select the image that you want to straighten and rotate. Click on the Transform tool.

In the Transform tool, click on one of the icons at the top of the dialog.

Select the Horizontal or Vertical option and then click on the arrow at the top of the dialog to preview the result.

When you’re satisfied with your straightening and

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16 Activator Free Download (Final 2022)

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Although we couldn’t find an official list of tools and extension of Photoshop, here’s a list of the most commonly used extensions and tools. These tools are essential for professionals and hobbyists, and are not for casual users.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo sharing and editing application for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. You can edit photos, crop them and add or remove photo effects like backgrounds and filters. It is a perfect alternative to the Adobe Photoshop mobile apps, and it’s also the most loved social app in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Express is integrated with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, so any changes you make will sync to your other Adobe apps as well. There is a limit to the number of photos you can add and have them sync, however, depending on your plan and subscription.

1. Launch Adobe Photoshop Express and go to File > Add and select photos to upload.

2. After the photos are uploaded, you can begin to edit and add photo effects.

3. See all the changes you make in the Photos Tab.

4. The changes are not automatically synced across apps. Sync your photos before continuing.

5. Check your Creative Cloud subscriptions to see if you’re subscribed to the right plan and version.

6. If you’re not subscribed, add an account.

Adobe Mix

Adobe Mix is a fast and easy to use music production tool developed by Adobe Systems. It allows you to mix audio using either MIDI or audio files. You can add and remove instruments or adjust their volume. You can create new audio from scratch or mix up to 2 audio files.

Let’s say you want to mix up several different songs by layering them one by one. You can choose to record each song or loop them. Alternatively, if you want to create one audio file from several songs, you can use the MIDI option.

1. In the audio panel, the down arrow icon lets you select a song.

2. The Options button lets you select file type, length, loop, and more.

3. This option controls the volume of the sound.

4. The Inches button lets you change the display font and size.

5. When you have everything set up as you

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16 Crack


How can I get an automatic pause when activity finish

I want to get some function called when my activity finish

But I am not allowed to start activity in onDestroy method.
Is there any solution to get pause when activity finish automatically?


When user tap home button, your Application class (which is activity in android) will be called onDestroy() method. So you can start your activity from onDestroy() method. Here is the simple code.
protected void onDestroy() {
// Start your activity

But I am not allowed to start activity in onDestroy method. Is there any
solution to get pause when activity finish automatically?

U can not start activity in onDestroy(), use below code in onPause method.
protected void onPause() {

you can call startActivity() from onPause() method without getting an exception.
for more information see below link.
What’s the difference between onDestroy() and onPause() in Android?

A court has overturned a decision to revoke the parole of a man convicted in a 1972 murder, marking the first exoneration in a case of wrongful conviction since the US supreme court overturned an Arkansas man’s death sentence.

Lawyers for Benjamin Harris, who has spent 43 years in jail for the murder of a police officer, said a Maryland court has determined the state parole board’s decision to revoke his parole was „not based on the law“ and the official who made the decision had done so in an „arbitrary and capricious manner“.

Harris was released from prison in 1994 after the parole board decided he was no longer a threat to public safety. He continued to maintain his innocence, claiming that he was wrongfully convicted with circumstantial evidence. His lawyers said they had fought for 11 years to clear his name, and to appeal to the federal government to try to overturn his conviction, but had failed.

„On this day, Benjamin Harris‘ 43-year nightmare is finally over,“ Harris’s lawyer, James Trainor Jr, said.

„Unfortunately, the battle of Benjamin Harris is not yet won. We hope to be able to help future wrongful convictions. But for now, Benjamin is relieved.“

The Maryland court initially refused

What’s New In?


Why does an Objective-C snippet crash?

Why does the following snippet crash if the (autorelease) is commented out?
Foo* getObject()
int id = [NSAutoreleasePool new];
NSString *foo = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@“%@%@“, @“foo“, id];
[foo release];

return [foo autorelease];

In addition, why does this crash if the (autorelease) is deleted?
@implementation Foo
@synthesize owner, bar;

Foo* getFoo()
[Foo new];
return [foo autorelease];


class Test {
[Test getObject];


When an object is autoreleased, it’s retained (by the pool). The pool retains it again and then releases it when it’s done. But when the pool is freed and destroyed, the object is not released. The pool will still hold it, even if the pool has been released already.
So when the pool returns from a new, the object is already retained by the pool, and you don’t want to return the object to be retained twice. Simply don’t use -autorelease and -release.


Put the NSString autorelease pool inside the autorelease pool. I think the new documentation is clear about this:

If you call the “new” message on an object inside an autorelease pool, the autorelease pool retains the object until it returns from the new method. After that, it releases the object.

In your second example (where you call [Foo new]), you need to put the autorelease pool inside the auto-new, using [Foo new] and [Foo autoNew].

Subdivisions of Brodnik

The subdivisions of Brodnik are part of Brodnik, a town in North Brabant, the Netherlands. There are eight subdivisions in Brodnik. They have their own numbered districts.

Brodnik is located in the northeast of North Brabant, at latitude 50°38’39N and long

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16:

PlayStation®4 system requirements:
OS: PlayStation®4 system (PS4®) with a power cable and an Ethernet cable
CPU: Dual-core processor with clock rate of 3.20GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB or higher
Disc: Blu-ray disc drive with BD-ROM drive
Additional Requirements:
Online Play: An internet connection is required to play online features.
ManifestFileVersion: 0

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