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The event is taking place as Tennessee hosts a Civil War history re-enactment festival in Chattanooga, a town that saw intense fighting during the war.

Civil War Christmas, held in several places in the country, takes place during the time of year when both sides were gearing up for the battle of Christmas Day, 1862.

„That’s the day that the South, in their point of view, is the victor and we’re looking to celebrate that,“ said David Raybin, executive director of the History Center in Memphis.

„I think that whole idea is bringing back to life the differences and the differences between us and them, that the North and the South are two different countries,“ said Sean Johnson, a member of the Chattanooga Civil War re-enactors.

The re-enactors are dressed in uniforms and fight for both the Union and the Confederacy, and also include Abraham Lincoln’s security detail, known as the „Secret Service.“

„It’s the most special time of the year because you put on those uniforms and it’s like you’re living a history,“ Johnson said.

Johnson added that the costumes and weapons are borrowed from the museums and historical societies, „but that’s not the true point of the re-enactment.“

The History Center in Memphis plays host to the American Civil War Christmas from December 9 to December 16.Glycogen distribution in response to experimental thyroidectomy and thyroid hormone-receptor activation: a quantitative cytochemical study.
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