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Sometimes, modifying certain registry keys on your computer cannot be accomplished due to various limitations, most of which are caused by insuficient permissions.
However, this situation can be easily avoided by turning to third-party applications such as BeRegOwner that enables you to take ownership of the target entries.
No installation
Being a portable tool, you do not need to setup this application on your computer, as just unpacking the archive and launching the corresponding executable lets you access its controls entirely.
Furthermore, its portability ensures that you can run it from removable storage media such as external HDDs or USB flash drives, as well.
Simplistic design
BeRegOwner packs a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that encompasses a few interactive functions that can be easily understood and operated by a wide range of users. However, given that modifying registry entries can severely damage your computer, it is recommended that you do not do so unless you have advanced PC skills or previous experience with similar software.
No form of local help documentation is available, so turning to a user guide in case you encounter any difficulties is not a viable option.
Take ownership of multiple registry keys
You can rely on this application if you need to take ownership of several registry keys on your system at the same time. However, note that in order for this program to run as intended, you need to provide it with Administrator rights.
After launching it, you need to add one or more registry keys that you need to take ownership of by either inputting their locations or importing them from a REG file. To perform the permission modification operation you simply need to press the Take Ownership button. It is possible to view a log after the process is finished, where a list of modified keys is displayed.
Portable mass registry ownership utility
All things considered, BeRegOwner is a lightweight, portable tool that lets you take ownership of several registry keys on your system. It comes with a simplistic interface, packs a few interactive controls and provides you with no form of help documentation. Unfortunately, it does not come with a built-in registry browser, as you need to input the location of the desired keys manually or load them from a REG file.


DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






BeRegOwner Crack

This tool allows you to take ownership of one or multiple registry keys.
You can also export registry keys from multiple locations and import them to various locations.
Support various operating systems.
Works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Many command line switches are supported. (Sudo, Gtk, Kubuntu, KDE).
Works with the command line and Windows Registry editor.
No form of user documentation is included, so you need to turn to online resources for help.
Other similar programs: Registry Keys Elite, Regag, RegKey.

BeRegOwner contains all of the tools you need to make efficient backups of your entire registry. It lets you export a registry backup to a file, import the contents to a different machine or registry location or copy the backup to another location.
If you have the original image file for the backup you can import it to a different system.
You can import registry backup files to different locations, giving you the opportunity to transport them to different machines for safekeeping purposes.
Our application offers an easy to use toolset for backing up and restoring your entire Windows registry. You can use this tool to backup and restore entire registry items including drives, programs and keys. You can backup single registry items like HKLM\Software\AVS\Input\Video, HKLM\Software\AVS\Output\Sounds, HKLM\Software\AVS\Input\Text or HKLM\Software\Pavtube\Scripts. You can backup sections of the registry or even entire registry trees.
More features:
– File versions
– Registry encrypt/decrypt
– Multilingual support
– Backup and Restore from DVD/CD and USB
– Registry support for all Windows versions
– Registry export to binary files (.bin,.diz)
– Registry reading support for multiple file formats
– Rename registry keys
– Hijack support for Desktop Shortcuts (automatically allows copying, editing, archiving to a desktop shortcut)
– Register your application before importing registry backup to avoid user prompt
– Registry file association support.
Version 1.0
– Initial Release

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BeRegOwner With Full Keygen (2022)

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BeRegOwner Incl Product Key

Take ownership of

Property Type Name

File Location







Property Type

User Account

System Service


Net Service


User DWord

Domain DWord

UserList DWord

DomainList DWord



UserPrefs DWord


UserListPrefs DWord



Computer DWord

ComputerList DWord


ComputerPrefs DWord


ComputerListPrefs DWord


Valid Status




Run As

Local System

Local Service

Local User

Network Service

Terminal Service
































What’s New in the BeRegOwner?

Steal or take ownership of several registry keys on your computer. It is a portable, easy-to-use application that lets you take ownership of multiple registry keys at once, making it possible to grant yourself wide-ranging access permissions.

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System Requirements For BeRegOwner:

Windows 7 or later.
At least 128 MB RAM.
At least 10 GB of free disk space.
SFP support available for one FX8F082 device.
For FX8F072, one SFP and one UTP device may be used simultaneously.
Minimum connection time of 15 seconds.
Please note, number of Physical ports and number of Virtual Ports are mutually exclusive.
User manual can be found here.
Updated 20th May, 2016
The new 16GB

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