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Bison Fute [Latest]

The widget provides updated information about the traffic on autoroutes (highways) and the structure of the roads in the city :
■ Graphical (HTML) content
■ Download data
■ Internet access
Bison Fute Keywords:
■ The roads
■ Traffic
■ Traffic Statistics
■ Traffic data
■ Traffic Safety
■ Traffic Monuments
■ No
About Bison Fute:
Bison Fute is dedicated to the display and on-line consultation of traffic data from the main highways in France.
This service provides :
■ information about the current traffic situation and road accidents occurring along the roads
■ The latest road incidents
■ Direct traffic to certain towns
The motorist has to use the links provided on the left.
Bison Fute is also available in 11 languages (French, Spanish, English, German…).
You can go to : for more information.
This application was created in the Rocade framework, a framework for the automatic construction of widgets.
You can find more about this on :
Contact me via
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
for any assistance or any comment.
A large number of the roads in France are covered by the Rocade data service.
For the official traffic data, you should look at the French National Agency for Road Traffic Safety (Caisses de sécurité routière :
You can also use the ACSP (Automobile Club de Suisse : or AA (The Automobile Association :
The ACSP uses ‚RA-Rocade‘ : ‚Redirection Rocade‘, which means that road accident data is directed to the Rocade‘ network.
The data is provided from the States of Obligations of ‚Syndicat des Ciments et du Rouetiement‘ (SOUSIRO) and the ‚Syndicat des Compagnies Autochtones de Matériel‘ (SCAM) (
The RA-R

Bison Fute X64

Bison Fute is a free Widget of the French cities. The Widget is based on the Rocade Widgets software ( The Rocade Widget software is developped with the OWF (Online Widgets Framework) 2.6 framework.
Bison Fute adds more cities, some auto-routes, and you can see some parts of France.
Bison Fute is a free software, open to any website.
Contact Us:
Ce produit est sous licence Open Source Ce que veulent dire :
Une simple copie d’installation est disponible et libre de toute restriction. Pour en savoir plus :
Informations de contact :

New version of BisonFute: v0.9.1
New features:
-Extracted the countries to their own Widget.
-The software can be installed from the internet in 5 minutes with an HTML code.
-The software has an easy-to-use interface and it’s fully customizable.
-The process of installation is in the same window of the download itself.
-Installation file can be shared on the World Wide Web, even if it was not made with a server.
-The home interface can show a table of the latest news in our category.
-The tag cloud widget can create a Facebook contact list through its own Facebook button.
-The software can use the Google Maps API, if it is available.
1)Download the widget in the file
2)Make a mirror on the web using the link
3)Unpack the widget zip using the command line:
unzip -f
4)Create a folder inside your web space in which you’ll install your Widget.
5)Copy the folder bisonfute_v0.9.1 inside this folder.
6)Insert to the widget code.html.
7)To create an account

Bison Fute

Bison Fute is a free real time travel app based on Google Maps API v3, offering local and regional traffic information for the city of Bordeaux, France.
Bison Fute provides a complete roadmap allowing the user to use the features and functions of the app as they like, i.e. planning a trip, finding nearby places of interest, searching for a route or finding a hotel or a restaurant.
Bison Fute provides the ability to quickly switch to your desired destination. It also provides full navigation with routing details, points of interest, and the ability to retrace your steps with just a couple of taps.
* Local traffic information
* Regional traffic information for the city of Bordeaux
* Road map
* Routing, routing optimization, and traffic details
* Now you can easily switch between destinations and view all your points of interest
* All information is available in English and French
Hotel Search:
Simply enter any hotel name in the search bar to find the hotels closest to your position and to plan your trip more easily. All the hotels offering rates and availability are displayed on the map.
Restaurants Search:
Find and book any restaurant (restaurants by type, by cuisine and by rank) by entering its name. The restaurants have been classified by their cuisine. You can also make a filter according to the number of stars that you have on Zomato.
Points of Interest:
Points of interest (POI) can be almost any location of interest to visitors and tourists, such as:
* Tourist attractions
* Night clubs
* Museums
* Hotels
* Restaurants
* Gas stations
* Airport
* Nightlife
* Events
* Currency exchange
* Shopping
* Tourism
* Souvenir shops
* Banks
* Banks
* Pharmacy
* Commercie
* Food store
* Tours
* Voted restaurants
It will make your trip to Bordeaux easier with the help of the POI and the main shops.
Search for Tourist Attractions:
To search for tourist attractions, you have to tap on the current location of your device and then search for the term you want. The search results are displayed on the map.
Search for Points of Interest:
You can search for any specific POI by specifying its name. The results are displayed on the map.
Search for Restaurants:
You can search for restaurants by name or

What’s New in the?

BisonFute is an advanced monitoring technology that has been developed over the past 15 years. It is used worldwide by police forces, the security industry and Government departments to detect, identify and monitor road traffic offenders via their mobile phone.
The technology has been developed in France and the UK, with offices in France and the UK. BisonFute is the only mobile phone based road traffic monitoring system offering multi-device tracking, location and geo-coding. BisonFute keeps a record of where and when vehicles are using their mobiles phones.
Download links:

Partners Widget 3.3.0
The latest version of the Widget Factory, the most popular user-defined Widget type. This update brings us a rich set of features that allows Widget Factory developers to build more engaging and unique Widget types, in all types of programming languages.
Update Features:
✔ Smart Widget
✔ Local Search Results
✔ Widget Factory Manager
✔ Custom Widget
✔ Local Labels
✔ Widget Factory Administration
✔ Quick Widget
✔ Google Analytics for Free
✔ Multiple Widget…

Sociometric 3.2.2
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– Add and edit the Widget for each user
– Create any number of custom reports for your Widget
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– Drag and drop Widget to your desktop
– Customize widgets appearances by setting colours, fonts,…

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– Generate web pages that use less screen space (smaller Widget)
– Design a navigation structure for your web pages
– Automatic detection and interpretation of specific CSS properties
– Create your own Widget categories and design your web pages
– ‚Buttons‘ on your desktop, Widget and menu bar
– Auto save your Widget’s CSS files
– Management of all your Widget…

TextWrangler 1.1.5
A Mac Software solution to easily analyse all the things that make your text editing easy to use.
– First Mac app with scriptable Widget (

System Requirements:

*Game Recommended Version: 1.3.0
-OS: Windows 7,8,10
-CPU: Intel i3
-RAM: 4 GB
-Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650Ti
-OS: Mac OS X 10.10 or later
*Recommended System:
OS: Windows 7,8

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