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Jean de Menasce (1776 – May 6, 1836) was a French Roman Catholic missionary who was exiled from his country and came to New France, eventually becoming the Provincial Superior of his congregation. He is remembered for his work with youth and also used the name „Jean-Baptiste“. He was ordained a priest in the Congregation of the Mission in 1807.

Early life and conversion
Born to a wealthy family in Brittany, de Menasce was educated at the Collège de Rennes where he devoted himself to athletics. From there he went to Paris and joined the Congregation of the Mission where he remained for seven years; the quality of his work recommended him for a professorship at the Collège des jésuites. In spite of an advantageous offer from the Society of Jesus, de Menasce decided to work in New France as a French missioner. A manuscript written on the subject and owned by the Quebec archive notes that the Recollects of the early period were „and intrepid religious, zealously involved in the spiritual mission of the continent. A Saint Vincent de Paul.“

De Menasce arrived at Quebec on September 8, 1804 and was sent as a diocesan missionary to a mission in Frontenac and a nearby mission at Wautoma on the shore of Lake Huron. When he first arrived at Quebec he was given lodging in the conventual parlor, which consisted of a bed, a locker, and a shelf. He soon moved into a more comfortable room on Rue Saint Jean, which he was entitled to keep, and for the next two years lived on the capital he received from Father Sébastien Rault, also a French Congregation of the Missionaire. During this time he continued teaching at the college and at St. Andrew’s School on Rue Saint-Jean.

While at the College of Frontenac he met one of the most remarkable men in the history of New France, Joseph Chevalier de Troyes. De Menasce soon fell in love with Troyes and, feeling out of place in his surroundings, he asked to leave Frontenac and move to the Oneida mission, which was located a hundred miles away at the corner


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