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PhotoShop is almost always in the background or embedded in other applications such as Microsoft Excel. It is less accessible in than in the past.

Like all programs, sometimes it’s hard to remember what all of the tools are. In addition, they may not all be available on your computer, and some controls may appear in the wrong place or even disappear completely.

You can change the default Photoshop settings by accessing the Photoshop options in Windows, going to the Adobe Photoshop shortcut, or by following these steps:

1. **Start Photoshop.**

The Photoshop start page opens.

2. **Click the gear icon to the right of the menu bar.**
3. **Click Preferences in the Edit pane.**

The Photoshop Preferences dialog box opens.

4. **Click the Open Options dialog box, which is the first tab in the dialog.**

The Photoshop Options dialog box opens.

5. **Click the **Photoshop Preferences** tab.**

You see the Photoshop Options dialog box. You are reading about the **Basic** tab, which is at the top.

The layer group has a group name at the bottom of the Basic tab that indicates what layers the group contains. Each layer has a number in the middle of the tab indicating its position in the group.

6. **Click the **Advanced** tab and the **Browse** tab.**
7. **In the **Basic** tab, you find most of the features.**

You will use many of the features on the Image Options tab, including text, picture frames, frames, and the _Master Rendering_. The Color Settings tab, which is discussed in the later section „Color, Adjustments, and Layers,“ lets you customize the color of your monitor and images in Photoshop.

Use the **View** tab to change the way that an image is displayed in the image window or at the bottom of the window.

8. **In the **Advanced** tab, you see the **Tools** tab, which is the second tab to the right.**
9. **In the **Basic** tab, click the **Enhance** button.**

The Enhance dialog box opens.

10. **In the **Enhance** tab, shown in Figure 2-19, click **Adjust Sharpness and Clarity.**

The Adjust Sharpness and Clarity dialog box opens.

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PSE is similar in design to Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 and contains most of the same editing features as Photoshop. PSE supports RAW format files and non-RAW files with several RAW presets. PSE also includes a WYSIWYG editor and supports file formats for Photoshop and other editing programs.

Check out our comparison chart to see which version is better for you

Hardware requirements for Photoshop Elements

We recommend having at least a powerful dual-core Mac of 4GB RAM or Windows of at least a dual core processor of 4GB RAM for running the software. It is recommended to have Windows 7 or Windows 10 for running the software.

How to install Photoshop Elements on Mac

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements from the below-given link and unzip the file into a specific folder by dragging and dropping the Photoshop Elements file into the folder.

Double click the Photoshop Elements icon to open the program.

Click on “New” from the splash screen.

The splash screen opens. Select “Welcome to Photoshop Elements” from the menu at the right.

Click on the tab titled “Welcome to Photoshop Elements”. Scroll down to the tab titled “Welcome to Photoshop Elements” and click on the checkbox marked “Next” at the bottom of the splash screen to open the About Photoshop Elements window.

The About window opens. Click on the tab titled “Features” and select “My features” from the menu.

Click on the tab titled “My features”. Scroll down to the tab titled “My features” and click on the checkbox marked “Apply” in the right panel to apply the “Auto Enhance” tool. Click on the tab titled “My features”. Click on the tab titled “My tools” and select the tool “Auto Enhance” from the “Create new tools” dropdown. Click on the tab titled “My tools” and select the tool “Auto Enhance” from the “Create new tools” dropdown. Click on the tab titled “My tools” and select the tool “Auto Enhance” from the “Create new tools” dropdown. Click on the tab titled “My tools”

Grass Brush Photoshop Download Free

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System Requirements For Grass Brush Photoshop Download Free:

CPU: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX 8350
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290
HDD: 30 GB
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
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Linux Distros
– The OS is based on Ubuntu with some tweaks for better support.

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