BS Trace

BS Trace is a handy application designed for IP tracing. With this system you can trace the route towards a particular IP-address or domain. The report preparation process is fully automatic. Additional information for each point along the route is given.
It’s a semi professional tool for time analysis. It can be used by system administrators or security specialists, as well as a student aid when mastering network technologies.







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*Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8
*Thread safe.
*Set up the IP address of the default start page
*Automatic trace of IP packets
*A lot of reports and information are collected
*Very easy to use
*Languages: English, German, Spanish




Lemon Z

19 March 2015

Lemon Z Rackomo is a free and open source software tool that is able to report on website traffic and other network activity. If you ever needed to know who viewed the pages or what contents are being loaded on your server, this is the right tool for you. The user can log in using his IP address, country, ISP or domain name.
Rackomo’s aim is to create a common data collection software with a high level of security. In accordance to the mission statement, it is a very user-friendly tool. The most important features of this program are.
* Full source code
* Great usability
* Simple setting up





11 March 2015

ReportSee’s goal is to offer a free solution for system administrators and database administrators. It is an open source network monitoring software with a panel for managing every user. Reports are being generated by this tool on an online server.
* Great usability
* Fun and easy to use





23 February 2015

This is an open source and freely distributed system which monitors network traffic and creates reports for every domain that has been viewed. It is a very simple and easy to use utility.
WebTraf is an open source tool for network monitoring and traffic analysis. It is a tool that is developed by a group of amateur programmers. The software allows you to check if a particular IP-address has been visited or not. You can also monitor a specific domain name or a whole website.
* Sends traffic data via OPC.
* Tracks traffic of a specific user (IP or email).
* Easy to use
* Open source tool





16 February 2015

Carnet is a very handy tool which allows you to manage your network traffic analysis with the help of an easy-

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[Silent-Unload Manager](

BS Trace For PC

BS Trace is an easy-to-use tool for analysis of Internet Protocol and Domain name system (DNS) domain history traces. It captures and shows the IP addresses that users have connected and also the country, city, state and other locations. The report also shows the DNS server names in reverse lookup order for every user’s DNS queries. It can also be used to help find out if the DNS requests are suspicious. All these reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
BS Trace is a handy tool for tracing a domain name. You can check all the IP addresses connected to that domain name. A report is provided for every session along the route that the user has taken to reach that domain name. Detailed information is provided for each point along the route, including IP addresses, date, time, country, city, state and so on.
The report is ready-made and can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

and download the binary from here.
After you have it running, go to your explorer and go to


paste the following in it:


, put a slash in front of it (/).
Copy everything from that file and paste it in the hosts file in your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder
now restart the browser and go to bs-trace. You should see it working and that’s it, enjoy ūüėČ

This is a screen shot of bs-trace;


import com.github.alexthe666.iceandfire.element.EntityData;
import com.github.alexthe666.iceandfire.element.ItemData;
import com.github.alexthe666.iceandfire.item.IceAndFireLogic.Item.ItemData.AttributeModifier;
import com.github.alexthe666.iceandfire.item.ItemData.EnumModifier;
import net.ilexiconn.llibrary.client.entity.*;

import static com.github.alexthe666.iceandfire.item.ItemData.ClassModifier.CLASS;
import static com.github.alexthe666.iceandfire.item.ItemData.InterfaceModifier.INTERFACE;
import static com.

What’s New in the BS Trace?

An application created for tracing of IP-packets, which is useful in cases of illegal use of network services. Each trace record contains information on IP-adresses, source of the packet, destination of the packet, source of a spoofed packet, etc. Besides the trace log you can export a csv file with the information sent and received. The application supports multiple protocols and loads data from tcpdump.
Functional options:
Export any log to a csv file
Import text files from a csv file
Insert a prefix
Start and stop the trace from the log
Mark an IP-packet as spoofed

Bitsnoop is an online operating system report on websites. It helps to analyze large batches of URL’s with a lot of data and information. Each report is directly translated to a PDF-file and can be displayed on a web-page or viewed within a browser. The information in the reported PDF file is extractable via text file. The report can be viewed in different formats, including columns or graphs.
Bitsnoop Description:
Bitsnoop is an online report generating system. You can upload a webpage with a lot of data and information, and then click to generate a report containing detailed information on this page. It’s like a directory of your computer, very easy to use and quick.
Functional options:
Load webpages with a lot of data
Generate report automatically
Load URLs from a text file
Save report and create a PDF file
View report in HTML, XML or CSV
View report in tablet, mobile or desktop format

Network Slices is a network analysis tool. It’s able to automatically generate a report of a network with the information of user, servers and networking devices. By using the log files, you can create a network map, and know all the users activities, the routes of the Internet and the servers. You can export all the information into other formats, such as XML, CSV or HTML. It works as a network monitoring tool, such as the analysis of log files, and is not only designed for use in educational purposes, but also used for security analysis.
Network Slices Description:
Network Slices is an application for viewing all web pages that passed through the Internet. It’s a tool for analyzing log files of web servers. With this application you can analyze large number of page views in a short time. You can get a map of all Internet routes with the user information.

System Requirements:

‚ÄĘWindows XP/Vista/7/8 ‚ÄĘ2GB RAM
‚ÄĘ2GB Hard Drive space
‚ÄĘ2D and 3D Graphics Card
‚ÄĘBroadband Internet connection
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