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* Learn how to use the basic tools to work with image layers and to work with individual layers, groups, and palettes to create and design.
* Learn how to use the camera RAW converter and how to edit your RAW images.
* Learn how to create realistic images.
* Learn how to create and use adjustment layers and how to move layers around.
* Learn how to select, cut, and move items within an image.
* Learn how to work with clipping paths and selections.
* Learn how to add or subtract layers, erase, blur, copy, create masks, and the Diffuse Glow tool.
* Learn how to create 3D artwork using the 3D tools.
* Learn about the basics of retouching and how to remove blemishes.
* Learn how to work with color and how to modify colors.
* Learn how to work with layers, palettes, brushes, and Gradients.
* Learn how to work with layers in a file.
* Learn how to import and export images.

Types of Images

Nowadays, more and more images are being posted on social media sites. This has been a major shift away from images being printed and given to friends and family. So the range of images that you will need to edit and process is quite broad.

Adobe Photoshop is great for a wide range of images, but some are specifically created for design and finishing. Below are some examples of the kind of images that you might need to edit in Photoshop:

* Camera photos such as those taken with smartphones. This includes images taken with the camera on the back of the smartphone and those taken with the camera on the front. Because there are no buttons or controls on the camera when it is attached to the smartphone, the camera’s settings have to be manually set when it is taken.
* Photos that have been taken with smart cameras that have built-in image-editing tools.
* Photos taken with older digital cameras that have no built-in image-editing tools.

RAW or TIFF Files

When taking a photo with your camera, the internal chip of the camera converts the image from the analog world of the photo chemicals to a digital world. This is called JPEG compression (short for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the group that created the JPEG format) and is a way to reduce the size of photos when they are taken

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This tutorial will show you how to create beautiful, elegant and relevant vector graphics.

You’ll be able to control every aspect of your designs from size and color to shadows, reflections, and perspective.

This tutorial is for photo editing techniques, but you’ll also learn some basic vector graphics software and how to use that to create your own vector graphics.

How to Create a High-Quality Vector Graphics

For those who use Adobe Photoshop and know it pretty well, I’m sure you’ve come across the hours of tutorials on how to create beautiful vector graphics.

You’ve probably heard about the pixel grid and how you need to make sure all the points of the grid line up.

You’ve probably come across lots of websites and blogs that teach you how to format tables, text and graphics.

You might even have tried to create your own vector graphics before, but in most cases the tutorials were not comprehensive or the skills were not suitable for the kind of graphics you wanted to create.

And this is not limited to Adobe Photoshop either. Most vector graphics editors also have a way of scaling your graphics to the size you want. They also offer every possible option to alter your image — including basic manipulation and color correction tools.

However, they aren’t a replacement for the power of Adobe Photoshop. The only time you should use a vector graphics editor is when you want to make a small project or you don’t have Photoshop.

The Plan

Creating a vector graphic from scratch might be a little daunting at first. But it’s not as complicated as it sounds. To create a good vector graphic you need to have a good understanding of basic images and graphic design theory.

While you can use many vector graphics editors on the market, I’m using Inkscape in this tutorial as it has a small learning curve, free and open-source.

However, if you prefer to use Adobe Illustrator you can do the same things that I’m doing in this tutorial.

You’ll start by understanding the basics of creating a vector graphic in Inkscape, followed by how to create the best typeface for your logo.

Then we will discuss how to manipulate our type in design to make it look sleek and beautiful.

We will learn the best way to use drop shadows and reflections.

Next, we will learn how to create a professional-looking vector graphic

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How to reproduce chromecast’s alphaChannel

I’m trying to figure out how to reproduce the alphaChannel effect on a PNG image that I’m sending to the cast sender, something like the following image:

I’m currently doing the following, but it looks different, I’m not sure if it’s the most efficient approach.

Convert the RGB image to a grayscale one
Remove alpha channel from the image
Use the grayscale image as the source and target for the ‚Dither‘ filter

Is there a simpler way to do it?


I would do it by replacing the image with a mask.
The Mask effects:

Get the current mask:

Apply the effect:

ApplyMask is part of the open-source library PixelMosaic.
Replace the image by the mask.


Change permalink structure

What is the best way to change the permalink structure of my site, (un)commenting the code from the permalink.php file, and saving the site?
I am using sharepoint 2013 with the custom web templates.


I don’t have any experience with SharePoint 2013, but as far as I’m aware what you’re looking for is a re-write of the core.
You could check out the blog post on Designing a permalink structure at WordPress.com:

To quote some:

[…] each URL is composed of two parts: the domain name and the root
folder in the path. The root folder typically represents the site’s
home page.
The best URL structure involves the use of one or two words from the
site’s name to help people find what they want. […] […] Let’s look at some scenarios:
[…] A site name of „wikipedia“ would lead to a URL like
[…] […] A site name of „edgar-s-v-a-g-e“ would lead to a URL like

Or alternatively, a general overview of different URL structures at Pathauto:

What’s New In?

1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to an image encoding apparatus, an image processing apparatus, a program, and a recording medium, and more particularly to an image encoding apparatus, an image processing apparatus, a program, and a recording medium which are designed to reduce the data amount of encoded image data.
2. Description of the Related Art
In recent years, as means for encoding a color image, the encoder, which divides the image into blocks and encodes each of the blocks, is becoming popular.
The encoder divides an image into a plurality of blocks each having a certain size, and determines whether pixels constituting the blocks are inside the outline of an object included in the image or out of the outline. The encoder determines the blocks as in-out blocks in the case that the pixels constituting the blocks are out of the outline of the object, and further determines the blocks as inside blocks in the case that the pixels constituting the blocks are inside the outline of the object. An example of the encoder will be given below with reference to FIGS. 22 and 23.
An image to be encoded is divided into blocks as shown in FIG. 22. More specifically, the image is divided into blocks BL1, BL2, and BL3.
The encoder determines whether the pixel PIX1 of each of the three blocks BL1, BL2, and BL3 is inside or outside the outline of a main object. If the pixel PIX1 of each block is inside the outline of the main object, the encoder determines the block as an in-out block. If the pixel PIX1 of each block is out of the outline of the main object, the encoder determines the block as an inside block.
The encoder selects one of three values of a luminance component and two values of color difference components from the pixel PIX1 of each in-out block as a predicted value Ppred1 (this operation will be described later with reference to FIG. 24). The encoder determines a code corresponding to the predicted value Ppred1 as a predicted code Pcode1. The encoder determines a difference Ea1 between a pixel E (data value) of the block and the predicted value Ppred1 as an error E (will be described later).
The encoder selects one of three values of a luminance component and two values of color difference components from the pixel PIX1 of each inside block as a predicted value Ppred2 (

System Requirements:

Threshold / Toxic threshold
THRESHOLD (Realtime) Toxin THRESHOLD (Offline) Toxic
You can select the threshold at the top. The left boxes in the bottom tab are for offline mode. It is a convenience to make your settings before you go online (or offline) and just click on the settings.


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