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Undefined subroutine'''$SIG{__DIE__} called at line 6


You are running out of memory. That means that the


variable has not been initialized. You need to declare and initialize that variable before using it.
We don’t know why you have a variable named CURSOInglesVaughanSystemcompleto.
print “CURSOInglesVaughanSystemcompleto

is just run-time syntax and is not guaranteed to execute. The Perl interpreter might use a different variable name to keep track of memory while you’re calling your program. What you show is not standard compliant.
use warnings;
use strict;

# Update 1: Dec 9, 2011
# Your program does not compile.

# Update 2: Dec 9, 2011
# Per the comments, we see that the S file was file, which is called the
# equivalent of a C program. Perl source files are not related to C source files.
# Update 3: Dec 10, 2011
# There’s a missing } here.
# Update 4: Dec 10, 2011
# The error message from OP – garbled output – has not been addressed, yet.
# Update 5: Dec 11, 2011
# The OP’s code has not been compiled.

# Update 6: Dec 12, 2011
# The OP has called perl like he meant.
# Update 7: Dec 12, 2011
# perl returns a list of the source files required to build the Perl module.
# Update 8: Dec 12, 2011
# Your program is not a Perl program. Thus, it is not a valid version of your
# Perl module.

# Update 9: Dec 12, 2011
# The perl source files are not text files. They are executable files.
# Update 10: Dec 12, 2011
# DIR is a special, C, function. It is well documented.
# Update 11: Dec 12, 2011
# $sig{__DIE__} and $sig{__DIE__} are special, Perl, functions.
# Update 12: Dec 12, 2011

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