Download Sprint Layout 6.0 Eng Torrent |WORK|

Download Sprint Layout 6.0 Eng Torrent |WORK|


Download Sprint Layout 6.0 Eng Torrent

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How can I display raw text from a span tag in my PHP file?

I’ve got a simple php script. The end result is to grab the data from an SQL query and generate a table with the data. The example below is from the result of a SELECT statement, which I’m trying to do.
echo “”. $row[‘order_no’]. “”;
echo “”. $row[‘order_date’]. “”;
echo “”. $row[‘product_name’]. “”;
echo “”. $row[‘product_description’]. “”;
echo “”. $row[‘product_quantity’]. “”;
echo “”. $row[‘product_price’]. “”;

All of the above is working fine and the output is displayed in a browser in the format I want.
I’d like to add a column that says Description and has the text I’m pulling from the with the same class name. I’d like the text to be displayed as raw text without being replaced by HTML.


With the use of htmlspecialchars() and htmlspecialchars_decode() functions.
echo “”. htmlspecialchars($row[‘product_description’]). “”;

You can use like this

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