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editplug is a powerful tool application that is able to edit files in several programming languages. The program supports syntax highlighting and comes with a nice set of functions to make the editing simple and accessible for anyone.
If you need more functionality, editplug can be extended through the use of plugins and it even comes with 5 such add-ons: AppLock, Cliptext, ExecTools, HTMLTool and NetBrowser.







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“An Editor Plug-in for use with the Programms TextMaker and EditPlug.”
EditPlug is an editor plug-in for use with the software packages TextMaker and EditPlug, which can be downloaded from:

– Edit Plugs:
+ Adds support for functions from the 80286 DOS/Windows/Win 3.1 API, so as long as you have the header files, can use it.
+ Direct file access (DosReadFile, DosWriteFile)
+ Direct manipulation of structures like files, files lists, files paragraphs, text paragraphs, word lists, dictionary names, etc.
+ Direct support for the Fortschritt MGL, Forte, ForteSave, Exe, Info, Macro, Macro2, InstaShortcuts, Io, IoSave, IoRecovery, OnOff, Net, NetPcm, NetSend, NetSocket, OnError, ShowFile, TxtExt, TxtParser, TxtTable, TxtTableSave, TxtUserFile, TxtParserClass and TxtTableClass.
+ Direct access to EXE, INF, PCM, SP and ARJ files.
+ Graphical user interface (GUI) that is very simple and accessable to the users.
+ GUI supports several types of minimization and iconification.
– Syntax Highlighting:
+ Shows the tab lines and line numbers on-screen.
+ Allows you to change the colors of the syntax font as well as the foreground and background colors.
+ Shows code attributes like Null Indication, Tabs, Line Numbers and Lines.
– Direct access:
+ Modifies configuration files directly.
+ Reads from files and writes to files.
+ Allows you to change the text list on-screen.
– Direct manipulation:
+ Allows you to increase or decrease items on the table lists.
+ Allows you to move items around on the text lists.
+ Allows you to increase, decrease or remove words on the word lists.
+ Allows you to increase, decrease or remove lines on the line lists.
+ Allows you to change the font attributes of text paragraphs.
+ Allows you to change the font attributes of any text element.
+ Allows you to change the foreground, background and font color of any text element.
+ Allows you to change the foreground and background color


*editplug* is a simple and easy to use tool application for beginner and advanced users alike that aims to provide a comfortable editing experience for code files and webpages alike.

We provide editplug to developers as a way to test and validate their own applications and plugins.

editplug Features:
*editplug* comes with a standard set of functions to enable you to edit files in your favorite programming languages using simple and powerful syntax highlighting and language dictionaries.
* the application also comes with an extensive library of plugins that provide a range of useful functions for files that are commonly used in web and desktop applications.This book captures the essence of how the single species in a symbiosis can benefit from a close association with a non-photosynthetic organism, a green anoxic biosphere. It is a compelling and elegant example of symbiosis. It appears to have developed through a series of one-off events. It is a good question why so few of these associations have been discovered and retained over the long term. However, at least some of the difficulties that have to be overcome are likely to be well-suited to the natural habitat of early symbiosis. The development of the anaerobic biosphere pre-dates the evolution of most animals, and most likely dates to the origins of life on earth. The plants and animals that arose later became essentially obligate mutualists because this was the only habitat for them in which their symbionts could thrive. In contrast, the transition from the epiphytic state of life to the cell-aggregating state of life may have been somewhat less dictated by ecological necessities, and instead may be the result of a highly selective pressure toward a specific morphological form. This book serves as a compelling example of how evolutionary selective processes can favor mutualism in the non-photosynthetic world.

The book is a feast for the eyes as well as for the intellect. The pictures of bacteria living in the hairs, plants, and animals of symbiotic association are beautiful. The curation and presentation of the photographs is effective. The book shows how symbiosis evolved.

I gave up on my laptop while writing this review. So, I will end by saying that, while I have no education on this subject, I feel, as a non-scientist, that I know enough to say that this book clearly is entitled to the highest recommendation.

From the reviews, you have to wonder just how the microbes in your body manage to come out

Editplug (LifeTime) Activation Code

This utility is a graphical text editor designed specifically for people new to programming. It features syntax highlighting for most popular programming languages, a set of functions for creating, editing and formatting text, and an easy to use user interface. It is easy to install and use.
If you need more functionality, you can install add-on plugins, and among them are: AppLock, Cliptext, ExecTools, HTMLTool and NetBrowser.

Why Use Editplug?

editplug is a reliable tool that’s capable of editing all kinds of files, not only code. You can use the tool to edit html pages, to edit your final website, find the right tags and text for your website, create documents, edit mails, create and edit scripts and more… So if you need a power-full but simple tool, look no further, check out editplug.
editplug has made a lot of people happy, and that’s why we have included it in more than a billion devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, BlackBerry, WebOS, Symbian and more…

Re-write code with functions!

As many of you may know (if not, please read the first tutorial included in the download), it is possible to create your own functions in the program and after that, use these functions within any other document (file) being edited. This is done by typing in the new function and pressing the F2 key, then selecting the function from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the document.

To install an add-on plugin, you need to download it, extract the zip file in the plugins folder and select the appropriate file from there. Of course you can do this for any program you use. You can also install plugins without using the program: if you buy the plugin through our website or directly from the developer, then you can install it directly from the program.
As you can see, installing plugins is a very easy task. If you need help, just contact us!

Connect to Files Online!

You can automatically connect to and edit files from our server. So you can edit your website, wordpress posts, emails or any other document without the need to download anything. This is done by clicking the edit button in the program window and pressing the F3 key.

Use a custom keyboard and use international characters!

Editplug contains a custom keyboard with the inclusion of International Characters. An optional plugin (

What’s New In?

Syntax highlighting for the following programming languages: Go, Elixir, JavaScript, Lisp, Lua, Julia, Python, Scala, Tcl, Whitespace and Xojo.
The editor is completely cross-platform (Windows, OS X and Linux) and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
Ideal for beginner and advanced users.
It can be easily used in Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Notepad++, PuTTY and Emacs.
* Syntax Highlighting for the following programming languages: Go, Elixir, JavaScript, Lisp, Lua, Julia, Python, Scala, Tcl, Whitespace and Xojo.
* All programming languages have their own syntax highlighting styles.
* QuickSave button when editing a file.
* Special QuickSave icon that opens and closes files in the corresponding IDE.
* Option to open files only via the shortcut.
* Option to open files directly from the main window.
* Works in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.
* The currently used files are kept in sync with the corresponding IDE.
* Default settings are available in the configuration.
* All icons are included for syntax highlighting.
* Vibrate options in OS X.
* Displays extension and version information.
* Option to close all files simultaneously.
* Option to clear the history of the files.
* Option to open any file and selection.
* Comment previews for every file.
* Option to add the file to the current context.
* Option to add the file to the new context.
* Option to open selected lines in new tabs.
* Option to show file status in the status bar.
* Option to disable file status bar.
* Option to toggle the status bar.
* Option to show the file path in the status bar.
* Option to show the path of the selected file in the status bar.
* Option to place the cursor in the status bar.
* Place the cursor in the status bar.
* Option to show file size in the status bar.
* Option to show the current line.
* Option to show the last closed tabs.
* Option to toggle line numbers.
* Option to toggle the tab to the previous/next line.
* Option to select the line.
* Option to select multiple lines.
* Option to select the word.
* Option to open current line in a new tab

System Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista
64-bit OS only
Pentium III 800MHz processor or faster
300MHz+ hard drive
1024×768 display resolution
DirectX 6
Microsoft Windows Vista is designed for personal computers that use a variety of processors, including a variety of mobile processors. New hardware platforms that include mobile processors are built to support the Vista operating system, with some requirements tailored to those platforms. For more information about hardware requirements, visit the Windows


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