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While the gameplay is enhanced by this new technology, it comes with new challenges. To create the most accurate representation of player movement, work is required to ensure that every single aspect of the player movement from real players is captured and accurately reproduced.

Every player movement – whether it is in the air or on the pitch – is captured and recreated using a combination of real-life player’s movement and simulated player movement. You can watch real-life player movement training on the pitch to see how we do this in real life.

The most important aspect of capturing real-life player movement is the movement. Because players have to run constantly while playing, we use the motion capture data to collect realistic player movement. When we decided to fully simulate that real-life player movement, we needed a solution that would reliably translate the real-life data into the needs of the video game.

The technology that we selected to do this is a combination of a player’s real movement, movement generated by a global animation rig, and player physics. Our goal was to achieve a seamless transition between the game and the player.

By using this seamless transition, we created a reality in which you will believe you are actually on the pitch. The problems we face are also physical, but we were able to solve those in a similar manner and produce a game experience that feels real.

To explain how this technology works, we’ll start by explaining the basics of the structure of player movement, focusing on ankle movements, and then we’ll explain how we use data collected from real players to create simulated player movements.

From a player movement perspective, the player is, for all practical purposes, a pendulum. The body is on a mass, and the body is on a spring, and on the other side of the spring is the ground. The energy has to be regenerated to feed the player’s movement, just like a pendulum.

So when the player runs, he or she is transferring energy and momentum from one side of the pendulum to the other. It’s important to note that the energy can only be created by the player. No technology outside of the player can provide energy.

We created a way to record the player’s body movement and force it to simulate that movement using physics. The data captured from the player movement is used to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Career Mode
    • Live out your dreams as a player and manager
    • Create your dream team
    • Become an elite player
    • Become a world class manager
    • Choose to compete with the elite or take the road less traveled
  • Create A Legend
    • Test your skills as a player
    • Create your dream team
    • Become an elite player
  • Club Mode
    • Live out your dreams as a player
    • Start as a pro
    • Become a world class manager
    • Choose to compete with the elite or take the road less traveled
  • Set Pieces
    • Test your skills in scoring
    • Become a world class player
    • Compete in the new Goal Creator Mode
  • New Player Faces
    • Choose either Real or Fantasy
    • Show off your favorite players
    • Craft a custom team with your favorite real player
    • Or bring some new personalities to the pitch with the new fantasy player.
  • Touch Controls
    • Enhanced ball handling controls
    • Dynamic pressure picks up with your touch
    • New Hot-Zone Touch Detect System
    • Tackles no longer trigger sweeps


Fifa 22

FIFA® is the leading video game brand of Electronic Arts (EA). EA SPORTS delivers the FIFA franchise together with its renowned soccer properties, including the FIFA franchise, EA SPORTS FIFA, and the Women’s International Championship.

The past-present and future

FIFA 20 is a globally-acclaimed official sports videogame.

FIFA 20 was released in September 2017 in the most countries around the world.

Released in September 2017 in the most countries around the world

FIFA 20 has received numerous awards, including: Game of the Year (GOTY), and Best-of-the-Year.

Ranked “Best Overall Game” by Game Informer

FIFA 20 has received numerous awards, including:

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team experience

The FIFA Ultimate Team experience will be coming to FIFA 20 in a major way.

Preseason mode

FIFA 20’s brand new Preseason mode opens up a whole new world of competition to your dream team.

Preseason mode gives you the chance to mould your team from a group of virtual cards, or Ultimate players, to a formidable side.

In FIFA 20 you will have access to a selection of thousands of your favourite real players – yes, that’s right, we’re talking authentic players, including ones who currently play in the world’s biggest leagues.

Choose one of thousands of highly playable Ultimate players and become a virtual football manager

Collect and progress your Ultimate players using FIFA Ultimate Team Coins

Compete against your friends via the revamped Club Matchmaking

Win games to earn coins

Use coins to further build your Ultimate Team

Purchase real players with coins

Play over 400 new tournaments and Leagues

Modify formations, tactics and set up individual kits for every match

Dynamically negotiate and complete contracts with new players

Earn XP and levelling

Become a better player by competing against and improving your own players

Attack AI intelligence and tactical flexibility

Make your moves, taking advantage of new situational intelligence, direct control over the opponent and more

FIFA is made for people who like it when the ball bounces.

FIFA is made for people who like it when the ball bounces.

FIFA Interactive, the company behind the game has to make sure that each FIFA game is on par with the skills of the real-life


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Purchase players from the 99 rated and above player icons, and collect coins and packs to unlock items and cards. The number one game mode on a FIFA game is Ultimate Team.

FIFA CUP introduces a brand-new way to compete, the knockout cup. Each match consists of two halves, with the winner of each half deciding who moves on. Enjoy the elimination rounds to determine the very best in the world.

Also known as the UEFA Champions League, this updated version of FIFA’s football juggernaut includes all of the unique features of FIFA Ultimate Team. The winner of each cup competition receives a special item to be used on the cover of FIFA 22.

For FIFA 22, there are eight official stadiums at Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Bordeaux, English FA Cup, Real Madrid, Roma and Manchester United. There will also be 24 official kits to choose from, with eight made up of Adidas, eight from Nike, and eight from Puma.

The footballing sensation has changed – and now you can, too. FIFA 22 introduces authentic and in-depth football stories, bringing the game’s biggest stars to life.

As a player, you’ll be able to run in-depth stories about your favourite football stars. Watch as the stories unfold, and learn about the impact football has had on their lives.

As a manager, you’ll get to interact with the all-time greats – and make their footballing legacy your own.

The most dynamic transfer market in football lives up to its reputation, and the opportunity to really become a football tactician will be yours when you use your influence and experience to build your own football dynasty.

Mastering these simulations will require strategy, leadership, and the ability to make quick decisions.

Hands-on training mode will allow players to create their own custom game.

Mini Game Builder: Take control and create realistic, detailed hand-crafted games.

3D Player Model Creator: Create the perfect midfielder or goalkeeper from scratch using your favourite body shape.

Since FIFA 17, the Artificial Intelligence engine has undergone an evolution as the team developed smarter and more intelligent behaviour for both players and spectators.

FIFA 22 introduces a refined and fully customizable player profile


What’s new:

  • EA SPORTS FootballPicks -Football is the purest of team games, where strategy and tactics go hand in hand. Every game of football requires you to make choices, decisions and you make sure they are the correct ones that affect the outcome of every game. Play football with EA SPORTS Football Picks.-Two-player co-op mode which allows any of your friends to jump into your FIFA Ultimate Team with you.
  • Women’s Team of The Year —Choose the stars of the 2012/13 season and stand as the best in FIFA.
  • New Ultimate Team system — Earn stars from online matches, train with the PES Foot Skill Advisor and train with Foot Zen. Enjoy great moments during the pitch such as making a goal, watching a pass or heading a corner.


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FIFA 21 was released in September, and thanks to IGN’s award-winning FIFA series on console and eSports’ grand entry on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this year marks the official beginning of the ‘FIFA 20’ era. As of this article, the game is available on all major platforms. Whether on PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch (PS4 Pro), FIFA 20 delivers a more immersive, connected game than before, as well as intuitive and streamlined controls and gameplay on all devices.

If you thought the future of eSports was console gaming, then you’re not alone. The future is on the mobile market, where the eSports industry is growing rapidly. In fact, in a survey of nearly 50,000 avid gamers across North America, FIFA 20’s mobile entry received the highest number of votes for eSports Title of the Year. You can view the full survey results here. For more details about the growth of mobile eSports, visit the mobile eSports site at

All-new and enhanced gameplay

All-new and enhanced gameplay

The gameplay of FIFA 20 is refreshed and reimagined. And the best part? It’s faster.

In FIFA 20, at all levels of play, decisions have been made to make the game feel faster than ever before. It’s no longer a case of literally tapping a button. You’ll make your next move in a fraction of a second. FIFA’s speed-based game-flow means you’re more aware of your surroundings, making plays all the quicker. Whether you’re sprinting downfield in attack, pressing a defender in midfield, or running diagonally across the pitch, this year’s FIFA is all about speed.

To ensure your instant reactions always lead to a chance at the ball, we’ve introduced a faster passing model. You’ll pass the ball quicker and at higher speeds. With this change, the game now incorporates the faster passing game of real-life football, and it’s great. You’ll be able to smash the ball into the back of the net, and the action will play out naturally.

But the new passing model isn’t just about passing down the pitch at an increased speed; it’s all about the new ball physics. The ball’s increased inertia will feel more powerful and responsive, and your passes will feel more precise, thanks to the enhanced accuracy of the engine’s new physics model. These improvements bring a new level of realism and accessibility to the


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