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* To view the Design Guides feature within Photoshop, go to the Window menu and choose Guides and Slices. You see a small, circular layer menu with a highlight on the menu next to it. The Design Guides feature is named Display Options within the menu. Choose this feature to see the Design Guides and Slices, a long rectangle at the bottom of your photo, which enables guides and guides.
* To access the Navigation panel in Photoshop, go to Window menu and select Navigation. Note the color of the fill in the Navigation panel. This will tell you how many layers you have open. The default navigation fill should be white.

**Figure 13-5:** Use the Adjustment layers’ properties to see more at a glance.

Photoshop also has a layer inspector, which you access through the Window menu and choose Layers to open. It shows the layers of the image, along with layer properties such as opacity.

Use the Adjustment layers’ properties to see more at a glance. They enable you to control the overall tonal range of the image. Figure 13-5 shows you how to work with the Adjustment layers and their properties.

The Adjustment layers’ properties appear in the same dialog box when you click the name of an Adjustment layer. For example, when you click the Linear Burn Layer, you see the settings for that layer open in the same window where you could have viewed them by opening the Adjustment layers’ properties from the Layers panel. You can return to the Layers panel at any time to see the settings for the selected layer.

* * *

Shopping for great tutorials

Hundreds of thousands of online video tutorials have emerged that walk you through the techniques used by professionals — and then some! The internet is a wealth of great tutorials. To get started, try searching for the title of the tutorial in the search box at ``.

To find a link to a tutorial, go to the web pages listed in the video. The first page listed in the video may have a link to an online video.

* * *

## Using the Style Sheets Feature

The Style Sheets feature enables you to apply a style that consists of color, font, and effects to an entire page or selected objects in your image. You apply styles in four different ways, as shown in Figure 13-6.

* **Apply a theme:** Select an image

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Photoshop and Photoshop Elements also have extensive online and mobile learning resources.

Use this tutorial to learn how to edit and create artwork in Photoshop. We will start by selecting a path as the main artwork, then we will fill the path, edit the art, mask it, and add some adjustments.

This tutorial uses Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 9.

Reference image used in this tutorial

Let’s get started.

Selecting a path as the main artwork

Open your artwork from your computer. Open the file using Photoshop.

Select the Pen tool to create the outlines of the shapes.

Select the Rectangular tool and use it to click on a path. Start in the upper right corner of the artwork.

Continuing the rectangle, click at the top of the path.

Select the Pen tool and continue to click in the lower right corner of the path to finish it.

The Path selection tool will appear.

Using the Pen tool, draw a rectangle with the tool. Be sure to select the Path. You’ll notice that the layer is visible by default.

Aligning the art

Select Layer > Align

The Align options are found in the toolbar. To open and select the menu bar, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+.

Open the tool bar with the Align options by selecting the white arrow from the align options.

Align to: Selected point. This makes the tool align to the selected point on the artwork.

Align to: Horizontal. This is used for aligning the artwork horizontally.

Align to: Horizontal and vertical. This aligns the artwork horizontally and vertically.

Selecting the Free Transform tool

Select Layer > Transform > Free Transform.

After clicking OK, the Transform options appear. Select the Free Transform tool and click to drag the artwork to create the shape. To create a freeform shape, be sure to anchor by clicking and dragging with the Selection tool before doing this.

Free Transform tools.

Moving the artwork around

Select the Move tool and click in the artwork. Move it to another position.

You can move the art by clicking and dragging in the artwork or you can use the Select and Move tool together.

Using the Free Transform tool, select the artwork and drag it to any position.

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Quake 1.5
Quake 1.5/IA64

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