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Oct 13, 2020
I downloaded the Voke YouTube downloader and I searched for a voke.wad in the wii mod zip file, but I couldn’t find it.
Where can I find these wads and do these work?


You can’t install these apps as a normal zip file as they’re corrupted. They need to be installed as rar or 7zip files.
Voke is an uploader tool, which will allow you to upload the wads from your computer to your wii.

Voke Tutorial

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The Wii U has no such stand-alone integrated Netflix or YouTube channels. There was some active discussion about this on the Internet and then Nintendo offered YouTube and Netflix as part of the Virtual Console.


I took the plunge with a Wii u with a basic tv to view youtube and purchased a used broadband connection. the Wii u is compatible with the firestick and the firebox which is the newest tv device. I purchased the firestick, and then attempted to install youtube channel using the firebox. this is the only method I have found that will allow you to view youtube or google in the firebox on the console. Youtube supported on the firebox is only for the.hd dvd. you will need a cheap dvd player or dvd drive attached to the firebox or download the app The firebox app for wii u allows you to do this. there is not possible to view either google or youtube on the firebox on the wii u.


As of Nintendo Wii U, the YouTube app is only for files and.avi files. They do not support.mp4 files.
As of Fire TV, it supports and.mp4 files. It does not support.avi files.
For Nintendo Wii U, you can play YouTube video by downloading the YouTube app from Nintendo eShop and then play YouTube on your Wii U.


VIM install python 3.6 with another Python?

At the time of installation of Python in my Ubuntu, I installed Python 2.7.
Later I installed python 3.6 in my system.
I now face the problem that the VIM is conflicting with the python 2.7.
How do I avoid this? (i.e. install VIM without python 2.7)


It is not possible, you will have to switch between Python 2 and Python 3. To do that, you will have to install both Python 2 and Python 3.

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