Libro De Motores De Sanz Acebes Santiago En Pdf .pdf | Added By Users

Libro De Motores De Sanz Acebes Santiago En Pdf .pdf | Added By Users


Libro De Motores De Sanz Acebes Santiago En Pdf .pdf | Added By Users

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Merlindo.pdf Added By Users 6.5 Acres, great Location on a Hill with Whole Property Buildable.Bonding with Cartier

Cartier is creating a new community called “Les Murs Bleus” (“The Blue Walls” in English) that is currently underway in southern Paris. This new urban development, covering an area of 3.5 hectares, is designed to be a stylish place where residents can enjoy life and pursue their passions. The project includes a house with shared facilities such as a large community room, library and health center. It is an extremely social project, where everyone will be able to enjoy long-term associations and spend time with their neighbors.

The main character of the building, the street wall, is exposed to the sun and thus shows an incredible palette of colors and is especially inviting to children as they can play on the wall. In the center of the building there will be a unique courtyard, ideal for outdoor activities and where residents can enjoy life together.

Based on a single building, the project is divided into different zones: the bedroom and living room, a large open-plan kitchen, a bathroom with a “guest bathroom” with a veranda, as well as the shared communal areas: a large parking lot, a so-called “green roof”, a terrace, a large community room, a library, a kindergarten and a health center. Residents will enjoy the privacy of their own living room and bathroom with their own entrance, as well as the possibility of enjoying the sun and the light, since the house has been constructed on the east and west sides of the building.

The project is divided in three zones:

The bedroom and living room: here people can enjoy privacy and enjoy the view of the day. The living room is open and airy with a large screen, a couch and comfortable chairs. The bathroom has its own entrance and a veranda on which residents can enjoy the sun and the view.

The large open-plan kitchen: it is a large room with two cooking areas, a refrigerator and a large sink where residents can wash dishes, cut food or clean utensils.

The bathroom: the bathroom is a “guest bathroom” with its own access and so the resident can use it without interrupting the people in their own bathroom.

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Libro De Motores De Sanz Acebes Santiago En Pdf.pdf Added By Users
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Libro De Motores De Sanz Acebes Santiago En Pdf.pdf Added By .
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