MetalCad – DesignCAD Pro6000 – Logiciel De Dessin

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MetalCad – DesignCAD Pro6000 – Logiciel De Dessin

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MetalCad – DesignCAD Pro6000 – Logiciel De Dessin

The Roma “parasite” is one of the most significant social challenges faced by Italy, especially in marginalized areas.

The Roma are the largest and most populous ethnic minority in Europe. They are present in 37 countries, including Russia, Spain, and Hungary. The Roma population in Italy is estimated to be more than 600,000.

Roma are, however, not indigenous to Italy but arrived as a group of immigrants from the Balkan region of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Albania between the 14th and 17th centuries. In 1996, the European Commission allocated funding to Italy to help the Roma, who are currently considered to be the continent’s largest stateless ethnic minority.

Despite an impoverished history, stigmatization, and marginalization, the Roma have become a vital part of Italian society. The group’s rate of unemployment is significantly higher than that of the Italian population as a whole.

Roma are divided into two groups: The Turbans, who speak a variety of languages, and the Sinti, who originally spoke Wendsim and now speak German.

They have been subjected to prejudice and persecution for centuries. In the mid-19th century, through the efforts of the anti-Italic Prefect of Calabria, the Italian government began to systematically establish concentration camps for the Roma. This led to the extermination of the Romani population on the island of Lipari.

Due to widespread intimidation and violence, many Roma have begun to self-regulate their internal networks, and the number of Romani self-regulating bodies has grown over the last decade.

“The Italian Roma population is a social outcast, living in the shadows of society,” wrote Gastone Kramo, president of the National Italian Roma Council (CNIR), in a 2015 document titled “Social Risks of the Italian Roma,” which examined the challenges facing Italy’s Roma community.

One of the main challenges facing the Italian Roma community is the risk of social exclusion. The CNIR study found that, in some areas of Italy, 25 to 40 percent of Roma households are categorized as socially excluded.

“All the Roma people [in Italy] have suffered more than the others,” stated a Roma resident who grew up in the Naples area. “We are the forgotten people. We are a forgotten people because we don’t count.”


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