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MoVigo was created as an accessible, easy-to-use, lightweight and portable web server.
MoVigo is a tool that comes featured with tools like PHP, MySQL, Apache and PhpMyadmin. The web server can be accessed from any portable device and is simple to use and manage.
Now, you can start developing the web applications you want in no time at all.


Download 🌟 DOWNLOAD

Download 🌟 DOWNLOAD






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Version 4.0 is out!

MoVigo 2022 Crack version 4.0 is the most significant release to date. Most notably it comes with more features and easier integration with Apache, MySQL and PHP. The most significant and upcoming features include:

More flexible data source abstraction

Automatic translations for your applications

Convenient web form handling

Support for sessions

Much more

Web form handling

How do web forms work? Have you ever used it? Usually, the flow of a web form is:

The user fills in a form, usually with data from an HTML page.

The server receives the data in a certain format.

The data is saved on a MySQL database.

The form is sent back to the user.

MoVigo has a different approach. It does not save the user input on a database server. Instead, it works with forms and responses as strings.

That way you can define the form response quite easily. You define a HTML-template for the response, and MoVigo will fill the template with the response of the form and send it back to the user. As a result, MoVigo handles all the form response logic. It takes care of matching and comparing the form data and the template.

Most importantly, the response of the form is defined in HTML and can be easily edited in a text editor.

Convenient web form handling

How would it be if you were able to generate simple web forms automatically? MoVigo is capable of generating a lot of forms for you, while providing you the freedom to define your own template.

Automatic translation

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to make sure your web site is always available in all languages? Especially if you have multiple languages. Not only does it require manual translations, but also several redirects to the correct URL, depending on which language the user is looking at.

MoVigo is designed to help you with the translation. It can translate the forms and data and even the response HTML. Simply translate the strings and MoVigo will handle the rest.

That way, you can create a translation of your site, and visitors to your site will be presented with the translated content, regardless of which language they speak.

More flexible data source abstraction

The data source abstraction concept of MoVigo is quite powerful. You no longer have to think about if you should connect to a

MoVigo Free Download [Win/Mac]

The goal of KeyMacro is to allow web pages to generate unique form keys in an easy, fast and secure way.
KeyMacro is a service based on dynamic generated random keys, as recommended by Microsoft and the other browser providers.
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KeyMacro is available in the following languages:
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MoVigo is a free software, Apache based web server. The server can be accessed from anywhere.
Additional tools like PHP, MySQL, Apache and PhpMyadmin are included.
MoVigo can be easily managed from a clean and simple interface.
For those who want to start developing web applications, MoVigo is the best tool.

Welcome to the TUTORIAL SECTION.
This Section of TUTORIAL is about PHP NETSCAPE Commands, we will explain the most Important and Useful commands of PHP NETSCAPE.

This command is used to submit data to the server.
This is the most important command in HTTP.

This is the command for to pass data from client to the server
In this example the server receives two parameters called param1 and param2 and they are passed on to the servlet method called sendmail.





















What’s New In?

MoVigo is an easy to use web server, built on the Joomla platform. It is the first and only web server to be
featured with PHP and MySQL, and being open source. MoVigo also integrates with the Joomla platform.

1. Features:
– Contains: PHP, MySQL, Apache and PhpMyadmin, Java, Java Servlet, Portlets, Joomla CMS and other additional
– Is easy to install.
– Has a lightweight and portable architecture.
– Comes with powerful features for development and testing.
– Is compatible with NetBeans, Eclips and Xampp.
– The source code is open-source and can be used, modified and distributed.

2. System requirements:
– Php 5.2.9 or higher.
– MySQL 4.0.12 or higher.
– Apache 2.0.55 or higher.
– MoVigo version 1.0.2 or higher.
– NetBeans or Eclipse with latest versions.

3. Installation:
Download and install MoVigo from

4. Web application configuration:
MoVigo allows you to configure the web application by accessing the Configuration Utility.

The configuration is done through a web interface and is managed via a wizard. The wizard allows you to choose the features, tools, databases, engines and users. Once you have configured the tools, databases and users, the wizard will check the configuration and start the web server.

5. Plugins:
MoVigo integrates with all major web frameworks, such as:
– Java Servlets: JSP, JSPScript, Servlet and Struts.
– Apache
– Joomla
– PhpMyadmin
– Portlets.

6. Tools:
– Apache
– PhpMyadmin
– Java
– MoVigo: a collection of tools and plugins.
– Drupal: a plugin that integrates with MoVigo.

7. Some additional plugins:
– Apache 2
– Gzip
– Joomla
– JSPScript
– Mysql
– Php
– PhpMyadmin
– Portlets

8. MoVigo versioning:
MoVigo is versioned and you can always check the most recent version on

Thanks for reading and have fun programming!

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