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Staying organized most of the time will require users to employ some sort of schedule, be it manually defined, or automatically generated. Regardless of the choice, establishing the times, events and other relevant details can be challenging, especially if dealing with very busy schedules. In an attempt to provide a customizable approach to the issue, Personality Schedule will allow you to define a random schedule for one or multiple individuals, in just a few steps.
Create a directory, add two text files and edit their contents for initializing the application
In order to start using the app, one will be required to first create a directory to nest the executable, as well as two adjacent text files, which must be named “persons” and “actions”. These two are the main “tools” for adjusting the app’s functionality.
Adding the preferred number of individuals to the first and the preferred events to the latter is the first of the two steps. Simply pressing the “generate” button afterward in the app’s interface will result in the randomized schedule.
Easy handling, but with lack of more adjustability for the event generation process
The amount of customization and control offered through editing the two text files is limited, and the only other, single aspect that can be adjusted is the maximum time frame for the generated events.
However, no means of controlling the random process is offered, meaning that those who wish to create a pattern or organize the events differently than just as a randomized listing, will not have the chance to do so.
Interesting scheduler-app that offers a good way of generating randomized events with associated individuals and times
Although not the most straightforward in use, this schedule generator will allow users to customize the entries in their schedule by directly editing two text documents. Nevertheless, the randomized resulting listing cannot be controlled in any way, and those who prefer a more organized structure might want to seek alternatives.







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✓ Supports ongoing events as well
✓ Unique individual and event random generation
✓ Simple to use intuitive interface
✓ Controlling individual/events time frame
✓ Individual/event duration is configurable
✓ Randomization capabilities to adjust the event order
✓ Ability to add as many individuals as you want in your schedule
✓ Flexible scheduling options
✓ Can be implemented in any directory and subdirectories
✓ Can add as many individual/events as you want in your schedule
✓ Multiple events are allowed
✓ Can change your event times at any time
✓ Is web based, so no installation is necessary
✓ Try it for free
✓ No startup time!
✓ Configurable in any language
✓ No login or sign up necessary
✓ Privacy settings
✓ Supports multiple languages
✓ No registration required
✓ Features
✓ Names
✓ Locations
✓ Relations
✓ Age
✓ Categories
✓ Gender
✓ Phone numbers
✓ Add to favorites
✓ Broadcast this task to all of your friends
✓ Customize your notifications based on personal preferences
✓ You can even create your own custom view…
✓ Click the “details” link in your task to read more
✓ Categorize your tasks…
✓ Message attachments
✓ Keep track of duplicate tasks
✓ More than one task can be open at a time
✓ Notifications are available in any language.
✓ Search your tasks
✓ Configurable alerts to receive personal notifications for any new event
✓ Easily filter incoming and outgoing messages
✓ Notification preferences
✓ Distribute your events to multiple locations
✓ You can even create your own view…
✓ Click the “details” link in your task to read more
✓ User option to hide own tasks
✓ See the whole list at any time
✓ You can even change the event’s background color
✓ Trending tasks
✓ You can even change the event’s background color
✓ Organize your tasks by location, category or alphabetically
✓ You can even organize tasks by location, category or alphabetically
✓ Can send tasks directly to your contacts
✓ Adding and deleting multiple tasks/contacts
✓ You can also sort tasks by location, category or alphabetically

Personality Schedule Crack Free Download 2022

A time management system for Windows, allowing users to create schedules for both individuals and groups, and then determine the best course of action for a given task, by assigning roles to each participant.

Personality Schedule’s setup files for the two aforementioned text files, can be edited by adding, deleting and changing existing entries for scheduling. The number of roles and events, which represent different activities within each time frame, can also be adjusted, as well as the number of participants in each role and the maximum duration of an event.
Individual schedules and events can be sorted by name, with duplicates removed, while groups can be manually included to the schedule itself. A single schedule is the default setting for the system, and the app’s main window offers quick access to the aforementioned actions.
Creating and fine-tuning the schedules are done through a multi-step process, which first starts by adding the names and respective roles of the individuals in the first text document.
Adding new entries and editing existing ones in the latter text file is then done by pressing the “generate” button in the application’s interface, while the schedule can be saved by clicking the “save” button in the app’s main interface.
All the information is then displayed in the main window, with users given the opportunity to edit or delete any of the entries for perfecting the schedule.
The app creates a list of all events and roles for each individual, allowing users to easily determine how they want to organize the schedule for a given task.
The events can then be sorted by name or duration, and those with duplicates removed from the listing.
If an entry’s duration is longer than the maximum specified in the schedule, one is prompted to either change it or to delete it.
The app has no means of entering or controlling the random generation process, which means that those who wish to generate a schedule in a specific manner cannot do so.
While not offering the most user-friendly interface or control process, Personality Schedule nonetheless allows for ample customization when creating schedules.
Totally customizable and simple to use.
The events and roles in each time frame can be as easily adjusted and manipulated as the schedule itself, all through the use of the two mentioned setup documents.
The scheduling process is simple, while the events and roles can be sorted, and duplicates removed from the generated schedule. The app currently offers no way to control the randomness of the schedule generation

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Install Personality Schedule on your iOS device.
Generate a random schedule with six events and a specified number of people.
At any time during the day, select a person and click an event to mark it as “done”.
Personalize your schedule by repeating all events for the same people.
Description from the App Store
Help yourself by editing events.
Add as many persons as you want.
You can repeat as many events as you want.
For more information on schedule:

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Mintu’s Progression Table


What’s New In Personality Schedule?

Randomizing the events for one or many individuals, the application also lets the user define the preferred number of scheduled events and the preferred types of events to be involved in, such as random meetings, phone calls or meetings by e-mail.
Date/Time: Starts on a random date and time, but can be adjusted to have events that span a specific time range.
Participants: List the numbers of individuals associated with the events, and whose details can be defined by the user.
Effects: Adjusts the schedule with respect to the event types (phone call, meeting, etc.), and how often they should be taken place.
Human being: Allows the setting of the gender or occupation of the individuals included in the event list.


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This application is available for Windows mobile, Android, Blackberry, webOS and iOS. You can try it for free for 7 days, visit the link on this page to download the application. Only 1 person can use this app at one time. If you wish to have multiple people on this app, please email us on [email protected].

Welcome to the app review of the Personality Schedule in June, 2014. This schedule generator app is designed to provide a complete solution for creating a personalized, randomized calendar of events for multiple individuals, based on the user’s specified preferences regarding the type of event, the number of times it should be scheduled, the day of the week for such events, the details of the participants involved and the time of the generated events. It is not a conventional scheduler because its actions are based on the specified event type, and the individual included in the target event, instead of the time or day of the event.
The main window of the app will show a list of the events scheduled for the individual included in the target event. Users can edit the event and time specifics, change the gender or occupation of the participants, etc. The generated event list can be viewed by the user in order to check if the events are being adequately scheduled, or can be printed if the user wishes to include it in the person’s notebook.
The Personality Schedule feature has been crafted to provide a more complete approach to the scheduling of people’s lives than the conventional calendaring solutions typically come up with. It is not a conventional scheduler,

System Requirements For Personality Schedule:

Windows 7 64-bit or later
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Support for dual-head display is required
Additional Requirements:
Language: English, Japanese
Yes, a specific license is required, this applies to the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)
See detailed requirements below.
Frequency Range:

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