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If you plan on becoming a graphics designer, you need to master Photoshop. This chapter covers the basics of using Photoshop’s tools and features. As you become familiar with these tools and understand how they work, you can add special effects, color manipulations, and blend different layers together to create great images.

Getting to Know Photoshop

Photoshop is the image editing program that you use to create your images, prepare them for the Web and e-mail, and then post your own images on your Web pages, to your e-mail, or to your blog.

If you want to create a full-page ad or graphic for a magazine or newspaper, or if you want to make a couple of logos for a company or fun project, then you need to use Photoshop. This chapter takes you through this task, step by step, teaching you the basic steps of using Photoshop to create your project.

Creating a New Document

The first thing you need to do when working in Photoshop is create a new document. You can work on many different file formats and may want to work in layers so that you can create multiple effects without having to create or save your file each time. The most basic of documents is a single layer.

You start off with a blank file. In Figure 3-1 you can see a file named Vibez.psd, which is the first file I created in Chapter 4. The first step in creating a new document is to choose File⇒New.

**Figure 3-1:** Be sure to use a new document file when starting a new project.

Like all Microsoft Office products, Photoshop and other programs from Adobe (and other programs from other software companies as well) create a new document by choosing File⇒New. In other programs, such as InDesign, you can create a new document by choosing File⇒New or by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the workspace.

In Chapters 6 through 11, I help you to create and organize layers and find out how to use filters, which you can use to enhance your images by blurring or removing unwanted elements. You can also use the transparency tool to enhance your work, because transparency allows you to see the underlying layer without losing your changes.

To create a new document, do the following:

1. In your browser window, click the file you want to work on, and then click the Open button.

The image

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1) (2022)

I use Photoshop Elements mainly to: edit all of my non-design photos.

I use Photoshop Elements mainly to: edit all of my non-design photos. Have fun with my new camera and film my travel adventures.

Have fun with my new camera and film my travel adventures. Create web graphics in which Photoshop is not really required.

Create web graphics in which Photoshop is not really required. Learn to use my DSLR camera and figure out new techniques to take higher quality photos.

Learn to use my DSLR camera and figure out new techniques to take higher quality photos. Work on wedding and events photos.

Work on wedding and events photos. Craft a couple of memes and LOL cats for my friends.

Craft a couple of memes and LOL cats for my friends. Make map pins for my friends.

Check out my article on importing photos and videos from your mobile device here.

Applying filters and other editing techniques in this post will be done with Photoshop Elements.

In this post:

1. Editing photos with Photoshop Elements

In this section, I’ll be covering how to edit photos using Photoshop Elements. I’ll be taking pictures with my DSLR camera and editing them on my computer.

How to make high quality photos with your DSLR camera using a tripod and some basic camera settings

How to Edit photos in Photoshop Elements

Outlining our technique:

Outlining our technique: • Edit photos in the Organizer > Select photos > Edit in Photoshop Elements. • Select the photo you want to edit first. • Move to the next photo in your series. • Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves

In Photoshop Elements, a curve is an adjustment made to the colors of an image. The curve can be added to your image either as an adjustment layer or as a layer within your image. Either method gives you control over the curves used on your photo, so it’s important to know how to use each method.

Adjustment layer or adjustment tool

The two main methods of using a curve are with an adjustment layer and with a curve adjustment tool. A curve adjustment layer is basically an adjustment layer with only one curve, a so-called “single-curve” adjustment layer. It can be a white or black point curve, as seen in the example below. Curves are added to an adjustment layer and can be edited just like any other

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1):


Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 or equivalent
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Disc Drive: DVD or Blu-ray drive
Video: 1280x720p, 2560x1080p, or 1080p
OS: OSX 10.9.5 or later; Windows 7 or later
Additional Notes: The following hardware and software are required:
PSVR (VR Viewing Headset)
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