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Search text and regular expressions across a single file, multiple files, and the entire directory.
Search for text across multiple files, and find all occurrences of a string.
Retrieve all the text matches for a regular expression in a directory.
Reverse search for a regular expression against a text file.
Save any regular expression to a file, using different character sets.
Find and replace a string across multiple text files.
Find and replace a regular expression against a text file.
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Sublime Text 3

“Sparrow” is a completely rewritten desktop search utility available in a freeware version. The program supports Windows PCs.

Sparrow Search Features:
The application provides several advanced features as follow:
Powerful search engine.
Search text or a whole directory.
Find text with or without case sensitivity.
Reverse searching a text and regular expression.
Replace a string in multiple files simultaneously.
Export search result to XML.
Configure custom search fields.
Create custom search indexes.
Store searches in a custom file.
Configure multiple indexes.
Reverse searching against multiple strings.
Export a PDF file with the search result.
Supported file types.


The freeware version of the program is fully functional. However, if you make any changes to the program’s configuration or add new features, you will need to buy the Pro version.

WOW! Truly a very powerful application. It has all the essential features. I use it for the first time to search text within a couple of pdf. The results I got from it were so accurate to the actual text within the pdf. I’m going to use this app for the rest of my entire project from this point onward.

Yugohunter is a Windows utility that helps you search for files in all subdirectories of a selected folder and also search for multiple strings in text documents. The tool enables you to search through subfolders, files, and text documents with advanced options.

The program is very simple to use. You can perform the search operation by including or excluding files from the scan. The look and feel of the GUI is very intuitive. All you need to do is to

RegexSearch Crack+ Download

This software allows you to convert and extract text from PDF files. Use it to search text on PDF files, convert text to PDF, and extract text from a PDF document.
Additional text extraction features include the ability to extract text from tables, images, form fields, and data series.

A typical task you may need to do with Adobe PDF is extracting and parsing the text on a PDF document. However, getting the text in a structured format may require some advanced approaches.

That’s where iTextSharp is designed to help you out. With it, you can convert a document from PDF to text, extract text from the document, highlight important keywords within the text, search in a document, and count word occurrences.

The software consists of an SDK (software development kit), a PdfReader class, and several other API (application programming interface) classes. You may use the classes to read a PDF file and extract the text, perform a search in a PDF, and perform other advanced tasks.

As you may have guessed, the software doesn’t come with a GUI interface but is a managed assembly that you can install on your computer through the command line. That said, the command line interface may present a few challenges to novice users.

Still, the program is free and supports all Windows platforms (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10) without requiring you to install its setup (assembly) on your computer.

iTextSharp Licensing Requirements:

Commercial users are required to register an iTextSharp license in order to use the software.

Compatible files types
The software can only handle text-based documents. It does not work with binary files like pictures and videos.

You should also consider Adobe Acrobat Professional as a viable option for word processing. Among a wide range of features available, the program supports text alignment, dragging text from one document to another, and page layout. There’s also a handful of alternative options.

The software supports a wide range of languages such as Spanish, French, and German. However, it supports only five character sets such as ASCII, Latin, Ukrainian, Arabic, and other regional languages.

Microsoft Powerpoint is a widely used tool for creating slide presentations. It’s one of the most popular tools in business because of its powerful features and unique design.

You can use it to create slide show presentations, prepare memos, teach courses, draw

RegexSearch Crack + With License Code PC/Windows

With RegexSearch, you can easily and quickly find and replace all occurrences of text or regular expressions within multiple files, simple text files with files, plain text files with directories, text copied to the clipboard, and more.
The software also lets you restore deleted text from the clipboard when you delete items from any list. RegexSearch does not use the Windows Registry, which enables you to uninstall it using a simple deletion task.
The software is Java-based and it works properly with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. In order to install it, you need to deploy the working environment on your computer.
Advanced filtering.
Quickly find and replace items in multiple files at once.
Find and replace from folders.
Find and replace selected text in the clipboard.
Preview results and accept or reject replacements.
Save the find and replace parameters to XML file format.
Import the parameters in any other project.
Additional info
ActiveX control.
Applications don’t have to be installed in order to run RegexSearch. You may copy the tool on any USB flash drives or other portable devices, carry it with you, and run it on the target system without administrative privileges. The application doesn’t write entries in your Windows Registry, so you can uninstall it using a simple deletion task.
Overall, RegexSearch performs just like it’s supposed to. It’s a lightweight application that doesn’t crash or write entries in the Windows Registry. It offers a good set of features and the user interface is intuitive.
However, the program looks alike a complicated undertaking and you’ll need a bit of time to uncover its hiding gems, so you won’t see it working on your system right away.

Microsoft Office 2013:
If there are two products which can claim to be “the best office suite”, then it is Microsoft Office 2013 and LibreOffice. However, both these products are quite complex and have a large number of different features. If you want to know what features and which you might be missing out on, then here are some of the main differences between the products.
Microsoft Office 2013
If you are trying to find “word processor” tools for your business, then you might opt for Microsoft Word. However, if you want to create “document” which your company will use for presentations, then you need to opt for Microsoft PowerPoint.
Otherwise, there is no

What’s New In RegexSearch?

RegexSearch was originally released in August 2013, has been revised, and is now here for Windows users to try.

RegexSearch is a Windows application designed specifically for helping you search multiple files for specified text or regular expressions.

The advantages of being portable

The portable running status allows you to open the utility by simply running the executable file (there’s no installation included in the process).

You may copy the tool on any USB flash drives or other portable devices, carry it with you, and run it on the target system without administrative privileges.

What’s more, it doesn’t write entries in your Windows registry, so you can uninstall it using a simple deletion task. It’s Java-based and you need to deploy the working environment on your computer in order to make it work.

User interface

RegexSearch does not impress much in the visual department. The feature lineup is not intuitive so you need to invest extra time and effort in order to understand how this program works. There’s support for a help manual that may shed some light upon the application’s features.

Search capabilities

The utility lets you search for text or regular expression on a single file, directory, plain text file with files and directories, or text copied to the clipboard. You can include or exclude files from the search, check out the occurrences of the target expression within each file in a scrollable window, and view the matched text highlighted.

What’s more, you can replace data individually or globally, preview, accept or reject replacements, check out the search results (number of matches and replacements) for each file, and copy the results to the clipboard.

You may save the search parameters to XML file format so you can import it in your future projects, and configure several general settings which refer to character encoding, appearance, tab width, editor, file locations, and fonts.

Bottom line

All in all, RegexSearch comes with several handy features for helping you perform find-and-replace searches for regular expression on multiple text files. However, it still needs some improvements to make the GUI look intuitive and simple to configure.

RegexSearch Features:

A useful utility for performing regular expression searches in multiple text files

It’s free, portable, and multi-platform.

RegexSearch is a small, text-based utility that lets you search for

System Requirements For RegexSearch:

– 64-bit
– Internet Connection
– Windows 10
– Compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.
– A 1280×720 or greater display
– USB port
– DVD drive
– Sound card
– 40MB available hard disk space
– 3 GB available RAM
– 650MHz or greater processor
– Additional in-game requirements:
– NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
– DirectX 9.0c
– 32-bit Truevision

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