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Are there any options that will allow me to download the pages (the links) for the comic
instead of having to download the whole book? The script will output the url to the page that the
script is supposed to download.
I’ve searched a lot, but it seems that there is no option for this.


There is no direct support for this in the API, but as you noticed you can use files=1 in order to get one file.
Alternatively, you can get the node id from the node with id=1 and then use that in files=1 on the other node.

1974 in Japanese television

Events in 1974 in Japanese television.

Unknown date
Kick the Can, a Japan Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) television game show.
Cosplay (Cosplay wa Spotai!)
Teen Town, a TBS television show.
Shiroi Kyotō! (White Banner!), a TBS television show.

Unknown date
Tetuo, a TBS television show.
Musume no Komoriuta (meaning „Girls‘ Diary“), a TBS television show.

19 May – Daishi Kato, actor
15 August – Takashi Nishimura, actor
23 August – Megumi Okada, actress
3 October – Maika Yamamoto, voice actress

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1974 in Japan
List of Japanese films of 1974

ReferencesOviedo Indoor season ends with loss in National Championship

Indoor practice has begun in sunny, warm-ish Charlotte. I’m starting to realize that at least as far as this indoor season goes, it may be very similar to how I remember my college soccer years — playing every day in the winter, cold-weather hard-court in the spring and summer. And by hot-weather, I mean 90 degree, humidity-heavy summer.

Last night’s college national championship was predictably a downpour, the rain showing up in the first half and continuing through the second. While the Gonzaga Bulldogs won easily, it also meant that the Carolina Dykes, who were supposed to be the favorites this year, didn’t win. Or at least didn’t win as easily as they usually do.

It was a big loss for the team, but first and foremost a big loss for the program. Women’s soccer has been a fairly well-known sport in the state of North Carolina

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