Simboluri Pentru Breasla Metin2 Download _BEST_


Simboluri Pentru Breasla Metin2 Download

simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download

simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download

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VBA Excel: Message “Error in Expression”

I have the following code:
Sub Test()
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset

Const cstrID As String = “SELECT * FROM [Wisbase].[dbo].[Dividend_Table]”
Const cstrValue As String = “[mov05]”

rs.Open cstrID, CurrentProject.Connection
Dim vDividendSet As String
vDividendSet = rs.Fields(0)
End Sub

I have try also to use rs.GetString() and rs.GetValue() instead of rs.Fields(0) but it generates the following message:

“Run-time error ‘3265’:
value of ‘3265’ is not valid for ‘GetString’.

Any suggestions to solve this?


The returned recordset variable is a recordset object.
You need to change
Dim vDividendSet As String
vDividendSet = rs.Fields(0)

Dim vDividendSet As Variant
vDividendSet = rs.Fields(0)

Also note that the method gets only one field, so you should use your correct variable.

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Simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download
Simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download
Simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download
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simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download
simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download
simboluri pentru breasla metin2 download
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