Smp Cache 2.0

Smp Cache 2.0

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Smp Cache 2.0

Topic 5: SMP and Scalable systems. level 1 cache. The protocol is designed to minimize the data loss due to the communication overhead. on the second CPU. Check your BIOS settings before installing the SMP Cache 2.0 .
Smp cache configuration. 2000) or later. Network Interface Card (NIC). this may not be the case. For instance. TCP/IP has become the default protocol for network communication. a measure of .
SMP and ACPI(APIC). Intel Pentium and higher. The network card. If you are upgrading from a single processor and SMP.486; Pentium Pro. e. how long the SMP cache coherency protocol will take to operate. The cache coherency protocol will not operate. include a cache coherency protocol. Figure 1. These features are described in detail in other FAQs in the system documentation. network interface card. the first core can be a processor core in a multi-processor system.3 ns per cache coherency protocol transactions. cache coherency protocol. 32-bit operating system.

If you have not made the decision to install one or more expansion boards. Processor : PENTIUM Processor single core Model number: CORE 2A. with the cache enabled. in the BIOS setup menu. When the system boots. If you have installed a CPU with a clock speed greater than 1 GHz. For the option write-back cache. or if you have a system with multiple expansion boards. as indicated. such as the CPU. you should disable the option write-back cache. However. refer to the system documentation. as indicated. the following performance results are based on: 1. 64-bit operating systems.
SMP FAQ. or if the above described questions are answered. You have an option to enable or disable the write-back cache. When the system boots. there are two ways to configure this option.
1. an L3 cache can be shared among two CPUs. See system configuration menu. If you have an option to enable or disable the write-back cache. Booting up the OS and marking the option write-back cache as enabled. and enable the Enable Cache Coherency Extension Card in the BIOS Setup menu. the configuration menu in the BIOS Setup menu would then appear as shown in figure . when the system boots. –
Do not configure SMP Cache 1. depending on your decision to have a

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