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Can you please help me? What should I do?


Try removing the quotation marks from around the t0 and t5 constants. What this is saying is that the array will contain one empty element, and then it will contain all the elements between 0 and 5. It can’t tell you where this empty element goes.


SQL Server Windows Service HOW TO use ForceUninstall ON?

Is it safe to use ForceUninstall ON in Windows service. By using ForceUninstall ON if I can force a Service (like windows service) to uninstall the service if a system restart is required due to some hardware or system failure.
If you can force uninstall the service then can you please explain me with simple example?


I did some research on Force Uninstall and found out some things and some answers.
For Force Uninstall to work with the windows service we need to mention


By adding ForceUninstall as false it will work fine.


It is not a sting operation. Why does it happen? The first time it happened without the program running. The second time a program ran and maybe installed a time and date feature. The third time a program ran that was set to run at a specific time. The fourth time a program ran that had a time setting. Then it starts happening the second time again.


Disabled start up programs that are not working
The idea here is to find programs that start automatically with your laptop on battery and look for the ones that have a descriptive name (it is quite hard to think up what to check for)

(my laptop has an unusual combination of a: battery saver, start menu
first item, and task manager running, but everything else I can think
of is enabled in settings)
Either open the programs or hit alt + esc, then the windows key on your keyboard to bring up windows task manager
If the program isn’t listed there, go to the programs/features tab,
then all programs, then second to last tab, disable all programs

Power manager
I don’t know what your power options are, but you can have them do the

(advanced settings)

Enter power options then the „power“ tab.
Turn everything off
Turn everything back on

And you should be ok.

Calcium signalling in the ischaemia-reperfusion in mouse heart.
The ischaemia-reperfusion induces an enormous increase in calcium concentration inside of the cells, which is mainly responsible for the cellular damage. In this study we used the ischaemia-reperfusion injury model in mouse heart to investigate the Ca(2+) handling by mitochondria, sarcoplasmic reticulum and Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger (NCX). Isolated mitochondria were loaded with Rhod-2 in order to measure the [Ca(2+)](m). Ischaemia-reperfusion led to a significant increase in [Ca(2+)](m) of about 100 nM in mitochondria with intact membrane potential, measured by flow cytometry. Ischaemia-reperfusion also caused an increase in [Ca(2+)](m) by about 40 nM in the condition of calcium retention capacity in the sarcoplasmic reticulum. The increase in [Ca(2+)](m) had

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