The Friendly Persuasion Book Summaryl [UPDATED]

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The Friendly Persuasion Book Summaryl [UPDATED]

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The Friendly Persuasion Book Summaryl

Plot Summary The film is set in Jennings County, Indiana in 1863. Jess Birdwell (Gary Cooper) is a farmer and patriarch of the Birdwell family whose wife Jessamyn (Joan Fontaine) has died. His son (Stewart Granger) receives a proposal from a woman (Jennifer Jones) seeking
Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Go to Google Play. The Friendly Persuasion. The movie is quite faithful to the book, but I..
The friendly persuasion. Quaker family in the 1860s try to reconcile their pacifist beliefs with the danger of the approaching Confederate forces.
Synopsis from Amicus/ABC: THE FRIENDLY PERSUASION is based on the novel of the same name by Jessamyn West and the film is adapted by Audrey Wood and William Wyler. Gary Cooper, who had worked with Wyler on Johnny Belinda and Johnny Pittsburgh, is a Quaker farmer in 1864 when his wife Jessamyn Birdwell dies. She’s been ill for a while and the quick deterioration leads him to suspect her of having had an affair. He confronts her in her home which is surrounded by a protective mob. He is constantly being confronted by men who attack him even after he turns down the chance of a physical fight. These men have their own side but they’re powerful, organized, and even use the Quaker cemetery as a vantage point. If they take it away, the Quakers will be helpless. If the mob takes it away, it’ll only galvanize the fight. He’s tried to talk to the men who are trying to kill him (they’re not all under oath), but it has fallen on deaf ears. Meanwhile he’s trying to care for his five young children and keep them hidden until a better time. Eventually his neighbor who has been thrown in jail agrees to help the kids get away.

This plot summary for Friendly Persuasion is aligned with Common Core Standards.

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