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Universal Viewer Free Download [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

Universal Viewer is a universal file viewer that supports a very wide array of file formats, including text, images, audio and video, webpages, binary and HEX.

Clean GUI and supported formats

While it is able to juggle with all these formats, Universal Viewer comes with a very user-friendly interface and, in case you still need assistance, there’s a detailed help file to lend you a hand.

The program is able to deal with BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA and other picture formats, but also with MP3, MIDI, MPG, WMV and AVI files. Furthermore, it has no problem to open documents, text files, binary, Hex and Unicode, which means it can be used to view the majority of files on your system.

A few editing options and parameter tweaks

In addition to that, it provides a set of utilities for every single format is can use. To be more precise, you can view the EXIF of an opened image, rotate or flip it, apply a negative or a grayscale effect or you can set the program to fit the opened picture to the size of the window.

The configuration menu is gigantic and includes all kinds of options, starting with interface settings and ending with the way it manages text and multimedia files. Furthermore, you can set up shortcuts and enable history to save recent file lists.

Support for plug-ins and context menu integration

Those who want even more features can always rely on plug-ins because Universal Viewer comes with support in this regard, which allows you to implement new tools, as well as to configure them on the go.

Last but not least, Universal Viewer places an entry in the Windows Context Menu to open the supported formats on the go just by right-clicking on a file.

A last assessment

All things considered, Universal Viewer is a simple way to work with multiple file formats at the same time from a user-friendly and pleasant interface. It does not affect the computer’s performance as the resource requirements are quite insignificant.

Universal Viewer Portable is a universal file viewer that supports a very wide array of file formats, including text, images, audio and video, webpages, binary and HEX.

Clean GUI and supported formats

While it is able to juggle with all these formats, Universal Viewer comes with a very user-friendly interface and, in case you

Universal Viewer Activation Code With Keygen [Updated-2022]

Universal Viewer Crack Keygen is an easy-to-use, light-weight universal file viewer and editor. Open most common file formats in just a couple of clicks. It’s a unique feature: Open several files at once and switch among them with a single mouse click. The built-in editor lets you open, edit and save your files. Save your favorite file types using the File Types tabs: “Binary,” “Hex,” “Text,” “Web,” “Unicode,” “PNG,” and “BMF.” Convenient context menu on the right side of the application window has settings for file types, as well as of other parameters. Plug-ins make it possible to open more file formats and have full control over them. Download and try the trial version now.

Download Universal Viewer 4.5.1 from here: Universal Viewer for Windows

Download Universal Viewer Portable 4.5.1 from here: Universal Viewer Portable

Universal Viewer 4.5.1 (43.35 MB)Universal Viewer Portable 4.5.1 (11.23 MB)


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Universal Viewer Free Download [32|64bit] (April-2022)

Universal Viewer, which is also known as „Universal File Viewer“, can be downloaded from Direct Download for free and can be used without installing.
Universal File Viewer is useful to view the main four file formats (ex.: JPG, MP3, AVI, etc.) without need to install more software. The software also comes with additional file viewers for BMP, PNG, GIF, TGA, WMV and other multimedia files.

Universal File Viewer shows all data content of files in different formats. Files, e.g..jpeg,.mp3,.avi,.wmv,.txt, etc. have been often distorted by other software, e.g. recode & recode, recorder32, duplicated and transcoded by system or programmer. You need to read that data for deep understanding.

Like other file viewers, Universal File Viewer provides the viewer to expand the file in order to see what is inside the file.

Universal File Viewer can directly open the files which are compressed by ISO_8859-1 encoding, such as.jpeg,.jpeg. If you want to edit the data that can be read by the universal file viewer, you can convert or compress them to other formats which can be read by the universal file viewer. (eg:.jpeg.pak,.jpeg.dat,.jpeg.iso,.jpeg.uu,.jpeg.rtf,.jpeg.cr2,.jpeg.cnv,.jpeg.cgm,.jpeg.jpg, etc.)

Universal File Viewer can also open the files which are compressed by other names. (eg:.mp3.zip,.mp3.rar,.mp3.exe,.mp3.com,.mp3.zip,.mp3.iso,.mp3.ufo,.mp3.brf,.mp3.nrg,.mp3.uu,.mp3.rnt,.mp3.f12,.mp3.m2v,.mp3.wma,.mp3.nfo,.mp3.m4a,.mp3.au,.mp3.m4r,.mp3.btr,.mp3.mp3,.mp3.w3x,.mp3.mng,.mp3.smk,

What’s New in the?

What’s new in version 3.0 (build 9)

– misc wrong bar icon in PDF
– default themes (PaloAlto and Highlight)
– lots of improvements!

– HEX/Binary Support (for import and export)
– Now you can import from other apps, and export HEX or binary to other apps. (not exported from UV)
– Support for SVBRF and LZW/JPG/TIFF/Exif/PSD (from UV)
– Faster Processing:
– Switched the encoder to use Apple H.264 HDEncoder if available in High Saturation modes or High Quality modes.
– One Pass downscaled files for display on High Saturation modes and High Quality modes.
– One Pass downscaled files for display on all modes (i.e. No downscaling for different files)
– One Pass upscaled files for high quality (output to the Output, not color space conversion for display on High Saturation modes and High Quality modes).
– New Batch export options.
– Export BMP files as JPG or PNG files (one pass upscaling), and default to color space conversion for output to the Output.

– High Quality (HQ) options.

– High Saturation modes:

– High Quality options.

– This option is also available in Hue, Saturation, and Brightness.

– This option is also available for the last items in the browse window.

– High Quality Export options.

– High Quality LZW Export options.

– High Quality Batch Export options.

– Generate TIFF/Exif/PSD files that preserve transparency for JPG or PNG files for output to the Output.

– Generate HEX and Binary files for output to the Output (doesn’t work for one pass downscaling).

– From UV:

– From UV: Add support for SVG exports.

– Bug fix for WBV files (Japanese BMP files) that were not selecting with the right WBV option.

Universal Viewer 6.2 (build 9)

What’s new in version 6.2 (build 9)

– misc wrong bar icon in PDF

System Requirements For Universal Viewer:

* A Windows 7 or higher.
* A Microsoft.NET 4.5 Runtime in order to run the game.
* Xbox One controllers.
* You’ll need a beefy machine.
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