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Self-education! Agree, it’s so great to learn something new about ourselves and the world around us!
And we also organize workshops and trips to different cities. We call them „tasty“ and „independent“. There you’ll meet new people, get knowledge and be able to apply it to your life. Or maybe you’ll work on yourself, and then you’ll have a daily journey into the world of mindfulness! And when you choose exactly where to go, we’ll do it together!
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There’s also a very interesting goal called „Getting to Know Yourself.“ We are creating a new community where you can share thoughts, ideas and discover new abilities with new friends.
Vyacheslav Bachurin and Elena Spirina know that you need leaders and like-minded people to create a community, so they decided to offer you to unite!
This is how they want it to work out:
„Looking forward to 2017, create a community that brings together all the people who are ready to change their lives. This will be an environment where everyone will be able to open up to new things without fear of looking silly or ridiculous, to express all their thoughts, to be heard, and to find an interlocutor. If we imagine this environment as a whole world, the Dream Staff community will be a part of it. We will try to provide each participant with opportunities to gain real skills and knowledge that will allow them to change their destiny and create their own successful business. In the future, the „staff“ will include employees who will help partners realize their projects, create a unique product, and be able to train and educate themselves.
I am confident that the „staff“ will be open and safe for all. We will strictly ensure that our ‚tricks‘ do not go beyond the ‚persona‘ and do not affect the people around us.“
As one of the community authors and Dream Staff coaching moms said: „You can change the world around you by changing the way you feel about it. Or you can change yourself and your life to be happier.“

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