X Unlock Tool 160 Crackrar

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X Unlock Tool 160 Crackrar



X Unlock Tool 160 Crackrar

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This is just a compressed archive. You can’t „Unlock“ it in any way.
If it’s in.rar format, you need to run a tool in order to decompress it. After that, you need to uncompress it to see all files inside. If it’s in some other format, you need to know the program that created it.


If you don’t see your mac partition, you have to install a program called Disk Utility.
Open it and click on Disk 1. Click the partition map in the bottom left. It should be something like disk0: (I don’t have access to a mac to tell you what it is).


How to add a secondary IP address to a single NIC in a custom network adapter?

I have a single NIC configuration. I want to provide to the client another IP (and gateway) address for the internal access.
I can do this by editing/configuring the NIC interface manually. However I would like to avoid manual configuration for this, as it may not happen in a reasonable time.
Is there a way to tell the operating system (anywhere from Windows to Linux) to assign an additional IP to a specific NIC interface and point the virtual network devices to it?


The Windows tool netsh allows to set such parameters (in addition to ipv4 route):
netsh interface ipv4 set address [address [broadcast]]

For example:
netsh interface ipv4 set address eth0

This way,

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